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The Tale of The Tooth Fairy for Boys and Girls

Tooth Fairy

The Tale of the Tooth Fairy

  • Keepsake Box and Tooth Fairy Doll With Pouch
  • One Tale of the Tooth Fairy Book
  • Includes an Official Tooth Record Keeper
  • Choose a Boy or a Girl Fairy
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  • $34.99 for EITHER set (Sold Separately)
  • One of Many Sweet Gifts from MK and Company
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tooth fairy

The first few Tooth Fairy visits to our house were a little bit stressful.  

The toothless child went to sleep.  He had a tooth in an envelope and it was under his pillow.  He was waiting with excitement for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

About an hour later, I heard the same child cry out an unhappy distraught sound.  I ran in to see what was wrong.  He was sitting up in bed, and promptly informed me that the Tooth Fairy didn't come.  I told him to take a breath, and to look at the clock.  When he realized he had barely gone to sleep, he relaxed, and was able to go back to sleep.  A successful visit occurred during the night, and all was well again.

tooth fairy 2

The very next time we had a lost tooth, there was a new crisis.  This time, the boy woke up at about one o'clock in the morning, and was excited to find an envelope under his pillow.  But he too cried out in despair!  This time, the child sitting up in the dark was definitely beside himself.  When I asked him what was wrong, he held up an envelope, as tears began to form in his eyes.  He informed me that the Tooth Fairly took his tooth, but left him an empty envelope.  He had been expecting coins and didn't even notice that his payment had come in paper bill form!

I knew this insanity had to stop.  There were way too many teeth left to be lost, and if each one was going to be an anxiety producing event, we were all going to be miserable.  Together, we worked out a system.  The lost tooth would be left on a shelf outside of their bedroom.  During the night, it would be exchanged for some money.  Since the children do not come out of their room at night, after a few successful exchanges, the worrying ceased.

I found out from several friends over the years that they have had similar experiences.  Maybe I missed it, but this never seemed to come up in parenting discussions or books.  For that reason, if you are a Mom of young ones, I want to be the one to steer you straight away from the tooth under the pillow tradition, and lead you toward a better way.

The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Storybook Kit

Tooth Fairy

Here is the boy Tooth Fairy, and you can see that he has a little bag to hold a tooth.  When he is not in use, then he can stay inside the adorable keepsake box, which is designed to be his home.  The box ties shut with a ribbon, and the front is clear so children can see him inside.

There is also a little girl Tooth Fairy.  Both models come with leafy hair, soft plushy skin, colorful felt clothing, and iridescent, shimmering fairy wings.  Their carry bags can be removed if they are going to spend some time in "dolly" mode.

The Fairies can bend at the waist to sit on a table or shelf, and have slightly weighted feet to facilitate sitting.  Notice that they are made with a lot of minor details which all work together for an adorable gift.

tooth fairy 3

The storybook is quick to read and tells how the Tooth Fairy came to be. The last page of the book is a record keeping page, which will help to keep track of a child's tooth history.

I think this would make a great gift for little ones.  It solves the tooth under the pillow trouble, and it also provides a sweet childhood keepsake.

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