Saturday, November 3, 2012

The @ValleyGames Bugs Card Game is Fun and Educational. (With Give.Away)

Bugs Card Game From Valley Games

  • A Card Game for 3-6 Players Ages 10 and Up
  • One Hand Takes About 30 Minutes to Play
  • 54  Full Color Cards with Bugs and Related Items
  • Created by Keith Meyers for Valley Games
  • The Fun Includes Math and Entomology  
  • Suggested Retail Price Per Game is $12.95
  • Available for Purchase Through the Valley Games Website
  • Find More Fun Games at
  • Valley Games Also Has a Twitter Account and a Facebook Group
The boys and I had the chance to check out this new game called Bugs.  You can see some of the cards in the photo below.  Nice, colorful bugtastic cards.

The best way to learn the game is to open the deck, shuffle the cards and play a few hands step by step while reading the instructions.  The game is not hard to play, but we found it easier to grasp the instructions if we physically acted out each step and could see what we were being instructed to do.

The premise of the game is that the neighborhood has encountered a swarm of bugs, and each player is in a race to clear their yard of the pesky insects first.

The deck contains 45 insect cards in 9 different varieties.  There are also 3 nets, 2 cans of repellent, 2 "outbreak" cards, and one exterminator.  To begin, shuffle up the deck and deal out all of the cards.  Once the cards are passed out and organized players begin to build a swarm.

Each type of bug has a numerical value of 1-9, and the value is inversely proportionate to the how many of that card exist in the deck.  (there are 9 cards worth 1 point, and 1 card worth nine points, and so on)  Outbreak cards are wild cards.  This is important to keep in mind while playing.   Play the net card and the player after you will lose a turn.  Repellent will reverse the direction of play and the exterminator knocks out and resets the whole swarm pile to zero.

Starting the swarm is easy.  The player chooses a card or cards, and then layes them down and announces their total point value.  That number is the swarm size.  Robber flies are worth three points.  If I play two robber flies, I would lay them down and announce a swarm size of six.

The next player has several options.  

  1. Play a matching card, (in this case, another robber fly) and add the point value to increase the size of the existing swarm.
  2. Play a different type of card that has a higher point value and reset the size of the swarm.
  3. Play the net, repellent, or exterminator card - these are placed on top of the pile when played - then moved over to a discard pile before the next player takes their turn.

bugs game

If none of these options are possible with the cards a player is holding, then they must pick up the entire swarm, (but not the discard pile) and will start off a new round of play.

A lucky player will use up all of their cards and win the hand.  The others will tally the cards they are still holding, and that is their score.

There are a few more rules but they are clearly defined in the instructions sheet, and would bore you if I wrote every one of them down.

Speaking of the instructions sheet, there are seven of them.  Each language has their own set.  Each set also contains a mini lesson on each of the bugs in the deck.


Once we got the hang of it, we decided that this is a great game.  As a homeschool mom, I love that it includes simple math, a little bit of strategy, and even has a bonus science lesson.

I am happy to be offering TWO sets of Bugs Cards for giveaway.  If you would like a chance to win, the Rafflecopter form below will be open until 12:01 Am on November 19th.  I do verify entries, so be sure to read the instructions.

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