Monday, November 26, 2012

This Christmas, Give the Gift of #History and #Heritage

I think somewhere within us, there is a longing to know where we came from, and a desire to be remembered.  

I think back to when I was smaller, and how much I loved the stories my parents would tell about their own childhoods.  My father traveled to America to escape the bombings in London. His father earned his citizenship in the middle of Morocco.  My mother loved to tell us stories about her mother's kitchen, and how the aunts would get together to cook, and can and make Sunday dinners that could feed a small army.

Corn and Cotton Genealogy is a web based business that will research your family history,  fill in some of the missing pieces, or authenticate some of the stories you may have heard as a child.  If you have somebody special on your holiday gift list that is difficult to shop for, this is a fantastic gift idea. 

To celebrate the season, Stephanie is going to offer four very special holiday packages that will help you discover your family history without breaking the bank.

Hint: This is a great group gift to a parent.  Almost any mom or Dad would love to find this under the Christmas Tree! By pooling sibling resources, you can deliver the perfect gift, and everyone will reap the benefits!  The entire family can share in the fun and provide memories and history for generations to come!

Holiday Package #1: Discover Your Family History

Special Price: $240
Save 20%!

Climb your family tree! This package includes ten (10) hours of genealogical research and all the goodies that come with it: research reports, evidence analysis, scans and copies of any documents located, and more. Do you want to really take advantage of this special? Double your savings by purchasing two for a total of twenty (20) hours! Regularly $300

Holiday Package #2: Digitize and Restore Your Family Photographs

Special Price: $120
Save 20%!

Do you have a pile of family photographs that you've inherited? Perhaps the photos you took in the 6os and 70s have become faded and discolored. This package will give your photos new life! This package includes the digitization and restoration of up to twenty-five (25) photographs. You will receive digital copies on a cd-rom for printing, use on your family website, and more. I will also help you create a unique family photo project by formatting a photo book that you can purchase later. Interested in a different project? Let's create something unique together! Regularly $150

Holiday Package #3: Record Your Family Stories

Special Price: $315
Save 30%!

Our family history is made up of more than dry dates and locations on a map. Record your family stories! This package is perfect for the storyteller. You'll receive ten (10) hours of traditional genealogical research to help you locate and identify the branches in your family tree. I will also conduct five (5) hours of oral history interviews with members of your family. And, to really make this project special, included are five (5) hours of freelance writing where I will write and record our findings and your family's stories into an enjoyable, easy-to-read family narrative. You'll receive digital copies of all interviews conducted, research reports and analysis, and more. I'll even help you format your family stories for publication if you should desire to purchase printed volumes of research. Regularly $450

Holiday Package #4: Have it ALL with the Deluxe Combo

Special Price: $630
Save 30%!

This is the perfect package for families wanting to share the cost of research. Combine resources and "Have it ALL!" This package combines all of the previous packages at an even larger discount. Receive ten (10) hours of genealogical research, digitization and restoration of up to fifty (50) photographs, and ten (10) hours of oral history interviews and writing of your family history narrative. If you like what you see in Holiday Packages 1 - 3, the Deluxe Combo is for you!
Fine Print and Disclaimers:
  • Projects must be under contract and deposits of 50% of projected project cost must be paid in full before December 31, 2012 to receive Holiday Package pricing. Balance of project fee is due upon project completion.
  • All new and returning customers are eligible for one or more Holiday Package purchases.
  • Due to not being Wonder Woman, the completion of your project will be subject to schedule availability. If you would like your project to be completed for Christmas or Hanukkah 2012 please contact Stephanie as soon as possible.
  • Clients are responsible for any additional fees such as document copy costs, travel fees (if necessary and authorized), etc. Please refer to her Services page for more details.

I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.