Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cluck 'n' Chuck - Another Fun Game From @PatchProducts

Patch - Cluck and Chuck

 Cluck 'n' Chuck is a Fast and Fun Game for Kids

  • For 2-4 Players Ages 4 and Up (Small Parts Warning)
  • Fast Paced Play - Based on Color Recognition 
  • Available at Toy Stores, Mass Merchandise Locations and Online
  • Suggested Retail Price $16.99
  • Visit the Website for More Details
Cluck 'n' Chuck is a fun, faced paced game for kids ages and up.  The photo below shows the contents of the game:


Inside the box, you will find that there is:
  1. A Chicken Coop
  2. 36 Small and Colorful Chickens
  3. One Die With Colored sides
  4. The Rules for Playing the Game
set up

To begin, toss the chickens into the lid of the box, mix them up and have each player selects 9 of them without looking.  Place a front row of three chickens with the other six behind those.   When everyone is ready, just push the coop down, and the first player will roll the die.

If one of his three forward chickens is the same color as the die, he will throw it up on the roof of the coop and toll again until he doesn't make a color match.  If he does not have the rolled color, then he passes the die to his left.  If that person does have the color they would put their chick on the roof.

game play

Once a chick is used, use one of his friends from behind to take its place.  The object of the game is to be the first one with no chickens left.  It seems easy enough - except that the coop is getting ready to pop and spill them all out at any moment.  Kind of like this:


Once the game pops, gather up the spilled chickens.  The player with the die will put them all away but keep three for himself.  If the die is between two players, they each take two instead.  Once everyone is re-situated begin the process all over again until one player has used all of their chickens.

Kids will like this one a lot, but be sure to let them see how the coop pops up before playing so they aren't startled when it happens!

Cluck 'n' Chuck is a lot of fun, and will make a great toy gift for little ones.