Saturday, December 22, 2012

Monopoly Millionaire – The First to One Million Wins! @HasbroGameNight

Monopoly Millionare

Monopoly:  Millionaire Edition

  • The First Player To Earn a Million Dollars Wins!
  • Game Play is the Same as The Classic Game
  • The Game Board is BeJeweled and Dazzling 
  • Play With Stacks of Money, Lifestyle Cards and Fortune Cards
  • Buy, Sell, Auction, and Build Property While Upgrading Your Lifestyle
  • Earn Mover Upgrades as You Play  
  • For Two to Four Players Ages 8 and Up
  • Suggested Retail Price $22.99 (Price Will Vary)
  • Buy From Hasbro, Popular Online Sellers and Where Toys are Sold
Are you looking for a fun game to play with the family this holiday season?  You might want to try Monopoly Millionaire.  it is the latest edition, just released in the fall.  The game play is the same as you remember, but the experience is steeped in luxury.  I love the jewel themed board and the upgraded versions of property - like Paradise Island and Party Plaza.  It sets the mood for the game.  Even the box is all blinged out.  There is no shame in the gaudiness and flaunting of the big money life.  All of the perks are included.

Each of the 2-4 players is racing to make a million dollars first! Lucky players will use Fortune cards to get rich quick, others will be getting bonus houses for free!  Another fun feature is the upgrading of the movers.  Start as a rowboat or a paper airplane, and finish as a yacht or a jet.

Each Game Includes: 

  • A Board
  • 22 Title Deed cards
  • 4 Sets of Movers (3 per player)
  • 22 Fortune cards,
  • 14 Millionaire Lifestyle cards
  • 14 Chance cards
  • 32 Houses and 12 Hotels
  • 2 dice
  • Money
  • Bank tray
  • 4 Reminder cards

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