Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mystixx Vampire Fashion Dolls From @MystixxPlayHut - Available at Toys R Us


Mystixx Vampire Fashion Dolls

  • One Doll Two Distinctly Different Looks
  • High School Student by Day/Vampire by Night
  • Two Complete Outfits and Changeable Hair
  • Small Parts, not For Children Under Three
  • Four Dolls to Choose From - Four Great Looks
  • Available Exclusively Through Toys R Us
  • Suggested Retail Price:  $19.99 (US)
  • Created by PlayHut
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This is Silva, a Mystixx Vampire Fashion Doll.  She comes with a turn around head which will reveal two faces.  One is a young high school student, the other, a vampire!  She also has two complete outfits to complement her different looks.  Her two interchangeable wigs are blonde and purple and they fasten securely to her head for playing.  Of course, she also has two pairs of shoes and a hairbrush.

These dolls are designed for ages six and older, but of course, parents should keep their child's maturity level in mind.  If a child doesn't understand that vampires are mythical and not real, then please take that into account.

This is Silva in Vampire mode.

Silva's story is that she is a descendant of a Royal Family.  It is no wonder she looks so great in regal purple!  She doesn't like to draw attention to her nobility, and tries to fit in at school, but people are drawn to her.  She is a sweet and friendly girl, but sometimes her heritage betrays her, and she comes off as a bit arrogant.

Here is her daytime hair and outfit.

I dressed her up for day time, and she looks great.

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