Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now Available on BluRay and DVD - The Odd Life of Timothy Green @OddLifeMovie

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • BLU-RAY Combo Pack, DVD, Hi Def Digital and On Demand Releases
  • Starring Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, CJ Adams - Directed by Peter Hedges
  • Feature Movie Rated PG (Bonus Material Not Rated)  105 Minutes 
  • Suggested Retail Price for the 2-Disc Combo Pack $39.99 
  • Suggested Retail Price for the 1-Disc DVD = $29.99
  • Released December 4th, 2012 by Disney Studios
The Odd Life of Timothy Green was just released to BluRay and DVD last week.  It is hard to sum up what this movie is really about.  It is about hope, and love, and family.  It is also about magic, and believing in the power of dreams.  There is also a little bit of parenting and family relationship advice.

The one thing a person needs to truly enjoy this movie is the ability to let go of reality and just accept the story.  Trying to match the on screen events up to what would happen in real life will ruin the whole thing. If you haven't seen it, and plan to watch it at home - do yourself a favor, and enter into the experience as though it were an animated film about toys that come to life when nobody is in the room.  Just relax and keep in mind that it is not a documentary, it is a Disney offering.

As Cindy and Jim Green face the reality that they will probably never conceive their own child, they try to turn their self pity into a dream.  They write out all of their hopes and everything they had imagined their child would be.  They put it all into a box and bury it - hoping to bury their grief, too.  Instead, they "grow" a child.  Timothy is every single thing they wished for - except for the strange leaves growing from his legs.

Timothy is an amazing child.  He is simple, happy, and accepting.  He doesn't expect very much, but he touches the lives of every person he meets in a special way.  The hurts of this world slide off of him.  Things like being bullied, being terrible at sports, and even having clueless parents do not make a dent in his sunny disposition.  

One thing does ring very true in this tale.  Every single preconception of parenthood the Greens had is shattered - but that's a good thing!  Timothy is able to endure all of their well meaning blunders and at the same time he is helping them to understand some of the realities of parenthood.  He ultimately makes them ready for the child they need - not the child they thought they wanted.

The DVD comes with Bonus features:

The BluRay Disc has some added bonus material.

“This is Family” goes behind the scenes with the cast and crew.

“This is Music” is about the musical score composed by Geoff Zanelli  and the talented orchestra.  This segment was very interesting to me.  It discussed how the recording of the soundtrack happens, but in language that was easy to understand.   The soundtrack includes a song by Glen Hansard called “The Gift” - there is some discussion of the song and the feature ends with the video.

The deleted scenes can be viewed with or without commentary from Peter Hedges. I would recommend watching them WITH the commentary - it is interesting - especially since some of them involve a sub plot that was discarded.