Monday, December 17, 2012

Read It, See It, Be It! With @popartoys 3D Books!

This image belongs to Popar Toys

Popar Toys 3D Bugs Book

  • Read The Pages and Use a Webcam or Mobile Device For a 3D Experience
  • Scan the Book for an Augmented Reality Immersion Display of Each Bug
  • Voted the“Best Toy of the Toy Fair 2012” –The View
  • Earned the National Parenting Seal of Approval 2012
  • Inside Media Gives Popar Books “Two Thumbs Up” 
  • Coolest Gadgets says “Wow, kids books that come alive in your hands…amazing!” 
  • TD Monthly Magazine Includes Popar in their "Toys to Talk About" Under Construction Toys 
  • The Suggested Price per Book is $19.99 - and the Viewing Software is Free
  • Titles Include: Bugs, Construction Machines, Planets, and Princess
  • Choose the 3D Adventure Kit ($39.99), 3D Books ($19.99 each) or the 3D Cards ($14.99 per set)
These new 3D books by Popar Toys have gotten a lot of attention this year!  We just read the Bugs 3D Book:  Leap, Crawl, Fly! book.

The pages are filled with interesting information about a variety of different bugs.  After we read a page we got a 3D show by using my iPhone or iPad.  Android and webcams can also be used to can the page and watch the bugs come to life.

The effects looked best on my iPad, but I had a hard time grabbing screenshots with it, so here are some from captures I took from my phone.

This scorpion is having some lunch.

And this Dragonfly appears to fly right off the page!

Here is a Firefly, all lit up.

The technology adds a  special touch, and helps make the children even more interested in the book.  You can simply view the 3D show, or use the read along feature.

The book is a lot of fun, and also has plenty of useful information for budding entomologists and other young bug enthusiasts.  

Visit www.popartoys for more information or to buy some books!