Friday, December 7, 2012

Star Trek @Mimobot Flash Drives Make a Great Stocking Stuffer!


Store Your Files and Have Some Fun With Mimobot

  • Pre-loaded digital "Mimory" content
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB capacities
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac
  • Simila in size to traditional drives (2.5'' tall by 1'' wide) 
  • Each comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • See more styles at
  • Prices begin at $19.99 and increase by $10 per storage size upgrade
  • Have fun with the mimobot community on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube
  • You can also find mimobot on Google+ and Vimeo
I love Flash Drives.  I'm getting kind of old, so it still amazes me to think that I can fit much more information on a tiny flash drive than I did on my first enormous and slow computer that cost me $2,000.

I was happy and thrilled with the plain, ugly flash drives.  Really, I was!  Then, I discovered mimobots.  Look at this brilliant Mr. Spock design!

Now, even if all this did was look like a cute little pocket sized Spock with a huge head, I would be a happy and satisfied consumer.  But it is more.  Much, much more.  In addition to 8 Gig of storage, he comes with pre-loaded goodies, too.

Spock is not the only Star Trek design.  He has some friends, and you can see them all in this clip. The video also shows the great bonus features, such as videos, vintage comics, wallpaper images, and more.

Here is what to look for when you are out shopping.  Mimobot packaging looks like this.  The storage capacity is noted in the blue circle.

As you can see in the photo below, even with all of the great detail, it is still a standard sized drive that will easily fit in a purse, pocket or book bag.  There are also accessories available if you would like to add a clip.

You will find mimobot flash drives in select retail locations, but the best place to do your shopping is right on the mimoco website.  You will get free shipping on orders over $50 - and you can browse all of the cool styles available - including (but not limited to) Star Wars, DC Comics (swoon), Transformers, Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, GI Joe, and popular culture legends like Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein.

While you browse the site, check out the accessories and apparel, too.  It's a fun company, and a great place to finish up your Holiday shopping - especially if you have friends like me!