Tuesday, December 4, 2012

@YoYoLipGloss - Justice Shop Limited Edition Bling Style (With Give Away)


New and Gorgeous Bling Bling YOYO Lip Glosses for Justice Shops!

  • Only Available in Justice Shops (Including the Justice Online Store)
  • Available in Blue(berry), Pink, (bubblegum) and Purple (kiwi)
  • Bright Shining Rhinestones in a Heart, Smiley Face, or Star Shape
  • Clips on to Clothes or Accessories for Easy Access and no Lost Gloss!
  • Smooth Application, Not Sticky, Long Lasting
  • Glosses and Clips Are Interchangeable
  • Retail Value $10 per Gloss (Currently 40% off Through 12/5 if Web Shopping)
  • Shop the Justice Website, Become a Fan on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter
  • YoYo Also Has a YouTube Channel
  • Social Media Fans Will be Winning Prizes Now Through Christmas!
  • Learn More by Visiting the YoYo Website at www.yoyolipgloss.com/
YoYo Lipglosses are perfect for shining lips with a little bit of sparkle.  They are also a fun fashion accessory with a practical side.  The cute clips allow the user to clip the gloss to their clothes or accessories.  No more lost gloss, and no fumbling around at the bottom of the purse.  Keep it clipped even while in use.  The clip holds a retractable cord.  Simply pull it out, uncap it, freshen up, recap, and it retracts right back to the clip again.

This latest, limited edition style comes in three colors with great flavors.  The blue is berry, the pink, bubblegum, and the purple is kiwi.  The bright rhinestone designs are a smiling face, a heart, and a star.

They will be available for as short time at Justice Stores or through the Justice online shop.  They are $10 each, but with the 40% off online sale now through 12/5 they are $6 each.

I think they would make a great stocking stuffer!  My nieces love Justice shops and the YoYo lipglosses.


Here is some more fun news!  Now through Christmas, YoYo Social Media fans can win these glosses through random drawings.  Two or three winners will be selected each week just for following or being a fan!  Check the social networking sites linked above and fan or follow to be automatically entered into the weekly drafts!

You could also try to win right here!  I am hosting a giveaway as well.  Be sure to follow instructions.  I do verify that a comment has been left, and that the winning entry is valid.

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Good Luck!