Saturday, January 12, 2013

@ChickenSoupSoul: Boost Your Brain Power! (With One to Give Away)

boost your brain power

You Can Improve and Energize Your Brain at Any Age

  • Written by Dr. Marie Pasinski and Liz Neporent
  • 224 Pages, Paperback Edition (Electronic Editions Also Available)
  • Publised on May 22, 2012 - English Language
  • Medical Advice and Information Paired With Related Personal Stories
  • Suggested Retail Price $9.95 (Prices Will Vary)
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Marie Pasinski is a Harvard Medical School graduate.  In addition to working as a staff neurologist at Boston Mass General Hospital she is also a faculty member at the medical school.  In this book she shares some valuable information that she has collected during her extensive studies of the brain.

The six chapters of the book contain interesting information that could help you keep your mind sharp, improve your memory, and as the title says, Boost Your Brain Power!

Read about better diet choices, health maintenance, brain stimulating exercises, stress reducers, and more ways to take good care of your gray matter.

The chapters are as follows:
  1. Invest in Your Brian
  2. Your Amazing Memory
  3. Living Well to Age-Proof the Brain
  4. Shaping Your Thoughts and Emotions
  5. Wake Up Your Brain
  6. Don't Accept Labels

The stories have the same relatable and inspiring qualities that I love about Chicken Soup for the Soul Books and the medical information is presented in a friendly easy to understand fashion.  It is an easy book to read, and great for anyone at any age.  I am getting closer to fifty years old, and already find my short term memory fading, and at times I can't recall a name, or the right word that I need to convey a thought.  It seems like this book came just in time for me!

I am  happy to report that I have been  given permission to host a giveaway.  One of my readers will win a copy of this book and some great tips to maximize the power of their brain.

If you;d like to enter this giveaway, please use the Rafflecpoter form below.  (Don't forget to follow the instructions for each step so that all of your entries will count!)

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