Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming Soon to DVD - Monsuno: Destiny! #Monsuno @ShoutFactory

monsuno 02

Monsuno: Destiny  - Released to DVD Next Week

  • Single DVD Disc
  • Contains 5 Episodes 
  • Bonus Features Included
  • Anime Style Animated Series 
  • Rated: TV Y7
  • English Language 
  • 110 minutes
  • Suggested Retail Price:  $14.97 (will vary)
Monsuno is an animated series that can be seen on Nicktoons.  The episodes are action adventures where the good guys battle evil forces in order to save the world.

The premise of the story is that before humans inhabited the planet, the Monsuno crash landed here from space.  The chaos and destruction that followed was responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs.  Now, they have appeared again, at the same time that Chase Suno's father disappears.  It seems that Mr. Suno had accidentally found the creatures.  Now Chase and his friends have to learn to harness the power of the Monsuno or risk losing the planet again.

That may be a bit hard to understand at first but the stories are very simple to follow.

As you can see, Chase does figure it out, and over the course of the episodes  more Monsuno are introduced.  He's a bit of an impetuous hero, but his friends are a great help to him.

If you have a Monsuno fan you'll want to visit the website, and you might also be interested in the toy line based on the show.   

The episodes include:

  • Clash
  • Courage
  • Underground
  • Wicked
  • Knowledge
Shout Factory will be releasing this title to stores on January 8th, 2013.  Pick yours up from Amazon, or your preferred store