Tuesday, January 8, 2013

@CoverGirl Blast Flipstick - Two Shades For Many Pretty Looks! #GotItFree

covergirl flipstick

CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Duos

  • FlipSticks Have Two Well Matched Shades
  • One Side is a Creamy Matte, The Other is a Shimmer
  • Use Separately or Blend for Varying Shades and Intensity
  • Create Looks for Day or Night, Casual or Sultry With One Product
  • Available in Thirteen Color Duos
  • Suggested Retail Price $7.99 (Will Vary by Retailer)
  • Purchase Online or Wherever Cover Girl Cosmetics are Sold
  • Find CoverGirl on Facebook, Follow CoverGirl on Twitter. or Checkout CoverGirl's Pins on Pinterest

We've probably all had beautiful women in our lives tell us that they never leave the hosue without lipstick and earrings.  It really does make us look prettier - and as an added bonus - we smile more.

Here is a great new idea in lipstick, and it is affordable, beautiful and long lasting.  The slim design makes it easy to carry, and concept is brilliant.

Instead of a drawer full of lipsticks and glosses, these well matched duos can create a whole myriad of looks.

One side is a creamy matte shade, and the other is light and shimmery.  Either side can be used alone for its own gorgeous look, or they can be blended in whichever amount you'd like to create the perfect pair of lips for any occasion.

There are thirteen different shade combinations.  With an average retail price of $7.99 each, they won't break the bank.

I have had so many compliments - I know that I will be buying some more FlipSticks!

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