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Etched Upon My Heart - A Book by Jill Kelly (And One to Give Away) @hjkforever

Etched Upon my Heart

Etched Upon My Heart:  What we Learn, and Why We Never Forget

  • Written by Jill Kelly
  • Published by FaithWords
  • Hardcover Volume
  • 224 pages - English Language
  • Release Date - 1/22/13
  • Suggested Retail Price $23.99 (will vary)
  • Digital and Audio Versions also Available
Etched Upon my Heart is not just a book, it is an invitation.  The author, Jill Kelly, sets up a scenario and invites you to share a fireside chat, woman to woman.  The invitation is a call to remember and to look back at some of the raw and difficult moments in our lives.  The challenge will be to change the way we see them.  Every event in our lives up to and including this moment shape us - and we have a choice to either bury them and allow them to keep us from God and happiness, or we can own them, learn from them, and move forward.

It is not uncommon to look at other people and think that they have it all together.  We think that we are the only ones who have sorrow or shame that lurk in our darkest places.  Mrs. Kelly lays some of her moments bare.  She puts them right out on the table and exposes them to light.  That's the key, of course.  It is the only way these things ever loosen their grip on us.  We have to find a way to expose them, give them up to God, and stop letting them define us.

Through eight chapters, some extras, and two appendices, join Jill as she looks back at her childhood, teen years, young adulthood, marriage, and motherhood.  In each chapter she opens with a verse from Scripture, tells her stories, and then shares how she feels looking back on them now.

She follows this up with "What to Remember and Never Forget".  These are bullet point thoughts of importance.  Then, there is a prayer and some supporting scripture to help while the reader reflects and meditates on each subject.

Prepare to explore:
  1. Love
  2. Significance
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Suffering
  5. Giving
  6. Prayer
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Death
She finishes with One More Thing Before You Go - Some parting thoughts that didn't quite fit into the specific chapters.  There is also an afterward, and the two appendices.

The first appendix has information about Hunter's Hope - a foundation that Jill and her husband began in honor of their son Hunter, who is now in Heaven.  He was born with a genetic disease,  Krabbe Leukodystrophy.  They learned of his diagnoses when he was four months old.  When he was eight months old, they made it their mission to educate, inform, and to have newborns screened so they could get treatment as quickly as possible.  

The second appendix is a sweet list of things Jill wanted to share with her daughter Erin on her sixteenth birthday.

The book is lovely and has so many valuable lessons.  The only part that left me feeling badly was that she had been let down by the Catholic Church.  It seems like a combination of being poorly catechized (as most people our age were) and a priest who let her down when she needed him most may have kept her from feeling God's infinite mercy when she needed it most.  Thankfully, she does feel it now, understands it well, and she has an amazing gift for sharing and drawing others to it. 

I am so happy that I can share a copy of her book with one of my readers.  If you would like to try to win it, please use the form below to enter.  Follow the instructions for each step so that each of your entries will count.

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Jill Kelly
About the Author:  Jill Kelly is the wife of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. In September 1997, months after their infant son, Hunter, was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Krabbe Leukodustrophy, Jim and Jill founded the Hunter’s Hope Foundation. As chairman of the board of Hunter’s Hope, Jill helps children suffering from Leukodystrophy, and their families by raising awareness and research funds to fight this devastating disease. She and Jim live in Buffalo, NY, with their two daughters and three dogs. Hunter’s Hope Foundation can be found online at Jill is also the author of Without A Word.
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