Monday, January 21, 2013

Lettuce Love One Another - Be Kind With Help From the @VeggieTales

Have Your read my review of the new VeggieTales DVD - Lettuce Love One Another?

The DVD is a compilation of three stories that reinforce the importance of loving our neighbor.

Every day of this week I will be sharing some fun pictures and printable tools to help keep our minds and hearts in the right place.

Today Laura reminds us to BE KIND.


As we are reminded in this passage from Ephesians we have all been forgiven much, and should not withhold our forgiveness from others.


It is also true that good deeds have a ripple effect.  See if you can make kindness contagious in your home with this printable chart.

Make a notation on the page to showcase good deeds, and use the punch cards to inspire kids to do kind works.

(I have the instructions for printing below)

lettuce day one kindness chart

  1. Click over to this page:  Kindness is Contagious - chart
  2. Click on the picture of the printer in the left upper corner of the page
  3. Check the settings for your print job
  4. Print the page, fill in the information
  5. Cut out and give the kids their punch cards
  6. Reward kindness, and watch it grow.
  7. Click on the arrow picture to download this chart and use it again and again.
Check back tomorrow for another topic, verse, and printable.

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