Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now on DVD - Abel's Field (And One to Give Away) @AbelsField

Abel's Field

Abel's Field - Sometimes the Heroes are on the Sidelines

  • Featuring Samuel Davis and Kevin Sorbo
  • Rated PG for Thematic Elements, Brief Violence, and a Smoking Scene
  • English Language (with Subtitles Available in Spanish, French and English)
  • Single Disc - 104 Minutes plus Bonus Features
  • Learn More by Visiting the Website, the Facebook Page or the Twitter Feed
  • Suggested Retail Price:  $22.99 (varies)  
Seth McArdle is a young man of high school age who is taking care of his twin sisters while their father is on the road working as a long distance truck driver.  Unfortunately their mother passed away years ago, and while the siblings manage to get by, their life isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Seth works two jobs, goes to school, and takes care of the house and family.

Things go from bad to worse and it seems like life is conspiring against Seth.  His father is missing in action, the mortgage is late, and some run ins with the football team earn him a harsh punishment when he is unfairly blamed for an altercation.  

His after school detentions pair him up with a groundskeeper, Abel, and the two become friends - sort of.  Seth opens up to Abel a little, and begins to trust him.  Abel encourages Seth to give his troubles to God - something the local minister has been trying to do for some time - without any luck.

The turning point in the story comes when Seth is faced with an extremely difficult decision.  He can either ask for help, or take a terrible risk that could either solve his problems or make them even worse.

There are a few "huh?" factors in the movie, like where is the social services department and why aren't these kids getting any kind of assistance, and how does a 180 degree transformation of the Abel character happen over only a few weeks?   Even so, the message is clear.  Have faith, don't give up hope, and ask for help.  Can Seth find the humility to do these things, or will he take (what seems like) the easy way out?

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