Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Show Your Love With This Cute Printable Idea From the @VeggieTales #LettuceLove

It is very important to show our love for one another.  It is what we are commanded to do - but sometimes, we forget or take our relationships for granted.

Today the VeggieTales blog continues with these cute activities and a special Bible verse.

The picture above is a fill in the blank.  Petunia the rhubarb asks us to think of ways we can show love.  That is a great exercise to get us thinking about love as an action rather than an emotion.

Below, you can see the poignant passage from Philippians 2:4
Let Each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interest of others. 

I like today's printable activity.  These coupons can be downloaded and used over and over.  What a great gift these will make!

First, we think of ways to show our love:  Do a sibling's chores, babysit for a mother with young children, read a story to some little ones.  Share a toy or a favorite piece of clothing.

Then, fill in the coupon and present it to the recipient to redeem when they need it most.

 To download or print this page:
  1. Click over to this page: "This Coupon is Good For" printable
  2. Find and click on the picture of the printer in the left upper corner 
  3. Make sure you approve the settings for your print job
  4. Print the sheet, then fill in the coupons
  5. Click on the arrow if you would like to download the .pdf for another day

Check back tomorrow for another topic, verse, and printable. 
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