Thursday, January 17, 2013

The 5 Money Personalities - Great for Couples! (With One to Give Away) @themoneycouple

5 money personalities

The 5 Money Personalities:  Speaking the Same Love and Money Language

  • Written by Scott and Bethany Palmer
  • Published by Thomas Nelson (1/1/13)
  • English Language, 208 pages, Paperback Volume
  • A 90 Day Plan For Financial Honesty in Relationships
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One of the leading reasons for divorce is because couples argue about money.  Debt can be a huge stress, but that isn't the focus of this book.  This is more about understanding one another and working together.

There are many ways that money issues can pick away at a loving relationship.  Maybe one spouse feels that the other does not respect how hard they are working to get ahead.  A wife's impulse buying, coffee shop habit, or weekly nail appointment might drive her hard working husband insane.  A coupon clipping wife may reach exasperation when her husband refuses to comparison shop, insists on eating his lunches out rather than brown bagging. or has a disregard for ATM fees.

This book, meant to be read together over about 3 months time, is about discovering how we approach money and how to work together toward financial goals.

The first step is to determine your money personalities.  I took the online quiz and discovered that I am primarily a saver.  That was no surprise.  I despise credit cards, I research to get a good price on big purchases, and I like knowing that there is a little in the savings account if anything comes up.  Contrast that with my secondary money personality - the spender.  I know - it sounds funny - but I love to buy something special for somebody "just because".  If I see something that I know would make a perfect gift and it is in the budget, I buy it.  I also like to try new items I see in the grocery store.  While seemingly opposite, this is actually a fortunate combination.  I am good about keeping myself in check but I don't let my saver side suck the joy out of our lives.

Once the couples discover their personalities and have revealed them to one another they have to address things such as financial infidelity.  Let all the secrets out and start fresh.  Thsi is followed by the money dump, the money huddle, and finally the E.N.D.

The process is designed so that couples can get to the root of money arguments and begin to work together.  It is so much easier to reach a goal if both sides are in harmony!  It is also a chance to learn more about one another, and why we make money decisions that previously baffled our partner.

I think all couples will appreciate a guide to healthy money discussions.  Instead of fights or accusations, the authors offer a better way.  Have fun, enjoy financial planning and put an end to any deceptions.

To clarify, this book is not just about money management, and it’s definitely not about overcoming debt.   If you have serious debt trouble this is not about digging out from under.

Instead, learn a whole new way of thinking and living that could be enormously helpful to a relationship battered by money disagreements.
About Scott & Bethany Palmer"The Money Couple", have dedicated their lives to helping other strengthen their relationships with The 5 Money Personalities. With 43 years of combined financial planning experience, they launched "The Money Couple" and are regulars on national TV and radio and speak internationally about love and money. Scott and Bethany enjoy an active lifestyle in Colorado with their two young sons, Cole and Cade.
I have been given the opportunity to offer a copy of this book for giveaway.  If you are interested  please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  Be sure to follow directions!  The Giveaway will run through February 3rd.

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