Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop - My @BonaBuzz and a #MyBonaHome Twitter Party


Bona has been caring for hardwood floors since 1919

Bona (  began as a small business in Malmö, Sweden over one hundred years ago. In the 1910's Wilhelm Edner, the owner became interested in a new product to the Swedish market - floor wax.  It proved to be wise investment!

Within five years, he added more floor care products to his inventory, including floor polish, mop oil, dry floor cleaner, and waxing equipment.  Today, more than ninety years later, Bona has become an industry leader and a worldwide standard bearer for floor care, especially hard wood.

Because Bona is so passionate about floors they continue to offer innovative, high quality products that keep up with the times.  For example, current studies about health and the environment have led to greener product options.  In fact, Bona’s floor care products are Greengurd indoor air quality certified and they even meet the more stringent Greenguard Children and Schools Program certification requirements.

Let me share my Bona experience with you.

I had not heard of Bona before, but I was lucky enough to be chosen for a Smiley360 mission which provided me with the product in exchange for my opinion, and for sharing my experience.

First I went shopping to buy the mop.  Bona products can be purchased online or at various retail locations.  (There is a store finder tool on their website which can be accessed through the FAQ section.)

Everything I needed to get started was included, and I loved that there was not a lot of excessive packaging to deal with.  I could see exactly what I was buying.

This picture shows everything that is included.  You can see the machine washable, reusable cleaning pad.  It attaches to the mop with Velcro and will hold up for about 300 washes.  The bottle contains the cleaning solution, and all of the directions are on the packaging.

It was super easy to attach the pad and pop the cleanser bottle into place:

Here is a patch of hardwood floor before Bona.  Thanks to my twin boys, our two cats, and life in general, the floors take a beating and they get dirty quickly.

Here is the same floor after I used the Bona Mop.  I can hardly believe this is the same floor!  (I promise it is, you can see where the wood grains and pieces match up!)


 Here is the side by side comparison.  I was definitely impressed, and will be sticking with the Bona system.

If you would like to try Bona products for your floors be sure to stop by this page to get a $3 off coupon!  You can also like Bona on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, Smiley360 and Bona are hosting a Twitter Party on Tuesday, January 15th at 2PM EST/ 1PM CST/ 11AM PST.

The party will last an hour and here is what's up for grabs for ten lucky winners:
  • 2 bottles of 22 oz Bona Cabinet Cleaner
  • 2 x Bona Hardwood Floor Care System
  • 2 x Bona Hardwood Floor Mops (or Stone, Tile & Laminate if you don’t have hardwood floors)
  • 2 x Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care System
  • 2 x $50 Visa gift cards
Have fun and good luck!