Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tomo House #App by That's Junior - Learn Letter Shapes and Word Recognition

Tomo House 01

Tomo House - An App by That's Junior

  • This is an App That is Compatible With iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. (Requires iOS 4.3 or later)
  • Educational For Pre-K and Young Grade School Children 
  • English Language (US or UK)
  • Currently Half Price (99 Cents) in the iTunes Store
  • Learn Letters, Site Reading Words, Shapes, and Colors 
  • Interactive App Provides Rewards and Incentives
  • Bright and Colorful With Cheerful Music.
If you have an early learner, you may be interested in the Tomo House app by That's Junior.  Right now it is available for a special price of 99 cents in the iTunes store.

It is a very simple app to navigate.  Once you open the app choose the US or British form of English, your music setting and your preference for uppercase of lowercase letters.  Once configured the app will allow you to begin the game.  

Words appear on the screen, and below them, there are colorful shapes.  These can be dragged up to the word to fit each letter form.  When a letter is completed, tap it and the hammer will appear to fasten the pieces.  Once it is hammered into place, the next letter can be completed.

As your child works, a timer is running.  The completed word will earn a score based on this time and the appearance of one, two, or three trophies will show them how well they performed the task.

The pictures seen here in the item boxes are words that have been successfully completed.  

 The house has several areas, and each area has more than 50 items.  As they are collected, they can be used in other ways. 

This screen is considered the "rest area".  (as opposed to the work area where the letter formation and vocabulary lessons take place)

In a dollhouse like setting children will see their items, in either a day or night setting.  .

Touching the item box will allow the player to see and hear its name.  They can then find them in the house.  Some of the items will have funny animated motions, too, so encourage them to explore the screen.

If you enjoy the app you will be happy to know that soon there will be:
  • Tomo Garage
  • Tomo Carnival
  • Tomo Seaport
  • Tomo Zoo

There is also a Fan Page on Facebook where you can learn more and interact with the company and other fans.