Friday, January 11, 2013

Walgreens Ology Product Line - No Chemicals and Affordable Prices

Photo from Business Wire

Last Fall, Walgreens introduced their ‘Ology,’ product line.  The idea behind the line was to bring consumers an easily accessible and reasonably priced line of natural products.  With the current trend of eliminating harsh chemicals from the household and a preference for more earth friendly items, Ology fits the bill without the high price-tag of similar products.

According to Walgreens, the innovative product line was created with the goal of improving the quality of life of their consumers and to show an ongoing commitment to help people get, stay and live well.

If you are a Walgreens shopper, you may have noticed the Ology brand products on the shelves.  They can also be purchased online and at Duane Reade stores.

Currently, you can find the following products:

-Baby Care – lotion and 2-in-1 body wash
-Laundry – liquid detergent and fabric softener
-Cleaners – glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner
-Personal Care – adult shampoo and conditioner
-Paper – bath and facial tissue, paper towels and copy paper
-Lighting – compact fluorescent light bulbs

To learn more or purchase Ology brand items online please visit: or like the Ology facebook fan page.

I took the opportunity to use and evaluate some of the products.

I started with this - a volumizing and conditioner with grapefruit and eucalyptus.

ology conditioner

This Voluminizing Conditioner has a fresh scent that I find especially nice when trying to perk up in the morning.  The eucalyptus is predominant, and it is eye opening and refreshing.  The conditioner works well to detangle and soften, and my hair does not feel weighted down when I style it.  It gets the job done nicely and naturally.

You can see the product is a cream formula and has no color or dye.
  • The bottle comes in a 13 oz size
  • The suggested price is $5.99
  • The formula is free of sulfates, dyes, and  phthalates
  • There are no parabens
  • The formula is for dry and normal hair
  • This is safe for color treated hair
  • The conditioner is plant and mineral based
  • This has never been tested on animals
  • The bottle is made from 100% post consumer materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

I also tried this 2x Laundry Liquid

A 50 ounce bottle does about 33 loads of laundry and has a suggested price of $5.99.  It is great for sensitive skin, and has no harmful chemicals added.

Here is the entire list of ingredients:
water , Laureth 7 , methyl 2-sulfolaurate , Disodium 2 Sulfolaurate , Sodium Bicarbonate , Methyl Soyate , Sodium Chloride , Cocoamidopropyl Betaine , Sodium Propionate
This laundry liquid gets clothes clean, is gentle for our skin, (especially good to know if you have any family members prone to contact dermatitis) and is also better for the environment.

I will confess that I have not had to try this on any heavy duty or deep set stains, but I have 12 year old boys and it has worked well on their smells and smudges.

Finally, I picked up Ology's Streak-Free Finish Glass Cleaner. 

ology glass cleaner
The 26 ounce bottle has a suggested retail price of $3.99.  The earth friendly bottle is also well planned ergonomically making it easy to hold and spray.

Of all the products I tried, I loved this spray the best.  It works well, leaving streak free glass and it has a fantastic, natural scent.

The bottle says glass cleaner, but I have used it on everything.  With no chemicals or ammonia content, I feel much better using it on my counter tops and all around the house.

The ingredient list is as follows:
Water , Acetic Acid , Sodium Coco Sulfate (Coconut) , Lauryl Glucoside , Cocamidopropylamine Oxide
I will definitely be picking up another bottle of this!

As I mentioned there are many more products available in this line.  If you are looking for more natural household products with a smaller price tag, Ology might be your perfect solution.

I was sent a Walgreen’s gift card for the purposes of obtaining Ology products to review. No other compensation was offered or received. No suggestions or requests to select specific products within the Ology line were offered. I was in no way obligated to write a positive review and all opinions are mine and mine alone.