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Yours is the Church by Mike Aquilina @CatholicCompany

Yours is the church

Yours is the Church: How Catholicism Shapes Our World

  • Written by Mike Aquilina
  • Published by Servant Books
  • Released September 27, 2012
  • 134 Pages, English Language
  • Suggested Price $14.99
  • Available From The Catholic Company
I will admit it.  There have been times in my life when I have felt browbeaten during conversations about Catholicism.  It is part of why I am always reading more, learning more, and looking for the truth.  Yes, my Church has some stains - but overall Catholicism has played an enormous role in Western Civilization for the past 2,000 plus years.  For some reason this is a well kept secret for most of the world.  Even many Catholics are surprised when they learn some of our history!

Mike Aquilina has written a fantastic book to bring everyone up to speed.  It is he perfect choice for piercing the bubble and whetting the appetites of the faithful.  My reaction when I finished reading was that I wanted to know more!   Because it is a short and easy read, it will not bog a casual reader down, but at the same time, it covers so many important areas and would be enlightening to many, I am sure.

If you are a Catholic, you may have faced these accusations:

  • The Church is anti science!
  • Catholicism lays too much guilt on people!
  • Your Church is antiquated, outdated, and is anti progress! 
  • The Catholic Church is oppressive to women!
  • You don't care about the poor - you exploit them!
  • You only care that women have a lot of babies, but you don't care what happens when they are born!
  • Yours is a dying religion!
I am happy to report that none of this is true.  If you would like to know the truth you can begin to find it in these pages.  If you enjoy this primer, you may even feel inspired to read more, learn more, and discover the rich history that gets swept under the rug as the naysayers trot out the later Crusades, Inquisitions and abuse scandals.  I promise you that there is so much more to Catholicism than this!

Following a brief introduction, these are the eleven chapters contained in the book:

  1. Yours is the Church That Saved Civilization
  2. Yours is the Church That Saved Modern Science
  3. Yours is the Church of Charity
  4. Yours is the Church That Made Music Great
  5. Yours is the Church That Inspired Great Works of Art
  6. Yours is the Church That Made Women People
  7. Yours is the Church That Made Children People
  8. Yours is the Church of Human Dignity
  9. Yours is the Church of World Peace
  10. Yours is the Church of the Future
In each chapter, Mr. Aquilina makes a convincing case to back up his title.  I think that even an atheist or secularist would feel compelled to admit a bit of gratitude for some of the Church's contributions to society and the world as we know it today.

For Catholics, this is the Year of Faith.  If you are Catholic, perhaps you would like to get better acquainted with our Church history.  This is a great place to start! 

About the Author

MIKE AQUILINA is author or editor of more than thirty books on Catholic history, doctrine, and devotion. He has cohosted eight series for EWTN and is a frequent guest on Catholic radio. His publishing career spans almost three decades, and hundreds of his articles have appeared in periodicals in the United States and abroad. He is past editor of New Covenant magazine and The Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper. He blogs on early Christianity at

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