Saturday, February 23, 2013

@LOrealParisUSA Magic All-in-One BB Skin Cream #MagicBBCream @SheSpeaksUp

BB Magic tube

L’Oreal Paris Magic All-in-One BB Skin Cream

  • One Cream Performs Four Actions
  • Hydrates, Primes, Smooths, and Corrects
  • Light Weight Lotion With Beautifying Beads 
  • Infused With Antioxidant Vitamins C&E
  • Also Contains Panthenol, Vitamin E and Glycerin for long lasting moisture
  • Available for Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep Skin Tones
  • Suggested Retail Price Per Tube $10.95 for a 1 oz tube
  • Join the She Speaks Twitter Party on March 7th at 9 PM EST
This was my first experience with a BB Facial cream.  I liked the idea of a cream that would moisturize and also smooth and even my skin tone.

When I opened the tube, I noticed the tapered tip for easy dispensing.  I put a little in my palm and noticed that it came out white, and there were small beauty beads in the cream.

I rubbed a small amount into the back of my hand, and you can see the result below.  Notice how the color is changing to match my own skin.

Since the test patch worked out well, I went ahead and applied some to my face.  It went on fairly easily, but it is important to wait a few moments before moving on to blusher.  It is possible to miss a spot since it goes on colorless.  Also, be sure to blend the edges well, too.

The cream has moisturizing properties,and rubbing in, I could feel that.  My skin absorbed it rather quickly, but it did not leave a shiny or oily appearance.  In fact, it is more of a matte look, and my skin felt more like I had applied powder.

As the color transformed, it smoothed out the reddish areas on my face and covered some of the imperfections.  As you can see below, my face has an even tone and is primed and ready for the rest of my make up regime.

I had the privilege of trying this product as a member of SheSpeaks.  To celebrate the campaign, the SheSpeaks team is putting together a Twitter Party that is scheduled for March 7th at 9PM Eastern Standard Time.  Over $700 in prizes will be awarded to lucky participants.

If you would like to join, here is where you can RSVP and get all of the important details, like *Prize winners must have RSVP-ed via the SheSpeaks website and participate in the discussion to win.  Prizes will be awarded to United States residents only, and participants are limited to winning one prize.

It should be fun, I hope that some of my readers can join in and win!