Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wreck it Ralph on Blu-Ray and DVD March 5th #WreckItRalph

Wreck it Ralph Cover Art

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph is Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD

  • Available on Store Shelves on March 5th, 2013
  • Choose the 4 Disc Combo Pack or Single DVD
  • The Combo Pack Includes Over an Hour of Bonus Material
  • Rated PG for Cartoon Violence and Some Crude Humor
  • Feature Presentation is 101 Minutes - English Language
  • English, Spanish, and French Subtitles are Available
  • Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD, and Digital Copy in One Package
  • Suggested Retail Price - $49.99 (Single Disc, $29.99)
  • Visit Wreck-It Ralph on the Web, or Like the Facebook Page
We just watched a fun movie about what it would be like if the characters inside the video games could come to life.  The story opens with Wreck-It Ralph telling his tale.  His game has been an arcade favorite for 30 years - unfortunately, he is the bad guy.  The game's hero Fix-It Felix, Jr. is the one who gets all of the adoration.  While Ralph lives alone in the garbage dump, Felix is in his penthouse living the good life.  Ralph decides to go on a quest to win a medal and bask in some of his own sunshine.

Because the premise of the story is that the characters have real lives they also socialize and visit each other's games after the arcade closes for the night.  Ralph's new mission, while lofty, causes him to commit an arcade faux pas of the highest degree.  It creates a domino effect of trouble which causes some mayhem and damage throughout the arcade.  He may even get the plug pulled on his own game.

While the other characters are all scrambling to make things right again Ralph lands in the world of Sugar Rush where he meets Vanellope von Schweetz .  She really wants to get into the game but everyone knows her as a glitch.  They won't allow her into the races.  These two misfits make a great team and they work together to get Vanellope back in the game.

Meanwhile, Fix-It Felix, Jr. has teamed up with Sargent Calhoun, the star of a war game, Hero's Duty. The two teams have their own sub-stories that come together in a pretty crazy ending when Ralph realizes that there is a REAL bad guy at the root of all of the problems.  The fate of the entire arcade is at stake and he and Vanellope are the ones who can fix it.

Things parents may want to know:
  • Some of the banter includes name calling and some potty humor
  • The story is about misfits, so kids will see some bullying and unkindness
  • Hero's Duty is an animated shooter game, and Sargent Calhoun is tough
  • There is some cartoon violence
You should also know:
  • Ralph finally gets the message across that he wants some friends
  • Vanellope finally gets the Sugar Rush Gang to see beyond her glitch
  • Sargent Calhoun talks tough, but she is willing to sacrifice for the greater good
  • Fix-it Felix, Jr. is also a pretty good guy after all
  • The King of Sugar Rush also has a lesson to teach 
  • All in all, there is a theme of judging people by their character, not their outward appearance
  • Parents will like seeing Pac-Man, QBert, Sonic, and other old school favorites
Wreck it Ralph Bonus Material
The picture above is a screen shot of the bonus features on the regular DVD.  As you can see the short "Paperman" is included.  However, if you get the combo-pack, you'll get over an hour of bonus material including:
  • "Paperman" Theatrical Short -- A Young Man In An Office Sees The Girl Of His Dreams In A Skyscraper Window Across The Street. But How Can He Get Her Attention?
  • Bit By Bit: Creating The Worlds Of WRECK-IT RALPH -- Game Jump Through The Worlds Of The Film With The Filmmakers, Artists And Animators Who Created it
  • Disney Intermission: The Gamer's Guide To WRECK-IT RALPH -- Hosted By Chris Hardwick
  • Deleted & Alternate Scenes
  • Video Game Commercials -- Original Commercials For Fix-It Felix, Jr., Hero's Duty And Sugar Rush
We enjoyed the special features almost as much as the movie.  

For more information and interactive movie themed fun, visit the website or the Facebook page linked above.