Monday, February 25, 2013

You've Been Sentenced! Family Game Fun! (With Give Away) @YBSentencedGame #homeschool

You've Been Sentenced Box Art

You've Been Sentenced!  - Family Game Night Fun!

  • Build Sentences and Score Points
  • For 3- 10 Players Ages 8 and Up - Games Last 20-30 Minutes
  • Includes 540 Game Cards, Timer, Score Pad, and Pencil
  • Add on Decks of Cards and a Country Music Edition are Also Available
  • Purchase Through the Website, Online Retailers, Book Stores and Toy Stores
  • Suggested Retail Price - $24.99 (Will Vary)
The game You've Been Sentenced is a product of McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds.

Players have lots of laugh out loud fun while also exercising their brains.  Points are earned by using basic grammar skills and applying some creative strategy.

The game is easy to play.  Here is a short, one minute video by Mr. McNeill himself to tell you how it's done.

As he explains, it can be a lot of fun trying to get all ten cards into a sentence.  If you can use them all ten extra points are awarded!  If a player finishes first, they also get an extra ten points, AND they flip over the 90 second timer placing the heat on their opponents who need to complete their sentences before the sand runs out.

Prepare to laugh while everyone takes a turn to read their creation. It may include some justification because the rest of the players get to judge the merit of the sentence.

Absurdity is acceptable, but grammar rules apply.  Fragments are not allowed and there has to be subject/verb agreement.

Here is what the box looks like.  It is a nice, bright red with a star on the cover.  (You can also see some add on packs in the photo, too.)

You've Been Sentenced Box

Now let me show you the cards and how they work.

Each of the five sides has a word and the words vary in point value.  A word that is more difficult to use will score extra points, wild cards are worth zero, but they give players an ability to lengthen their sentences and add points that way.

Here are a few sentences that used all ten cards.  It is easy to see how crazy the game can get!

You've Been Sentenced Sentences
  • Ornery Ozzie bombs orderly readers until the maddest are nearly in flames.
  • I shocked a mystified beauty in the 80's by really flying!
  • Mommy said Truman Capote lived to the left of the police station, far from Pope Paul VI.
Here are some honorable mentions that used nine.  As the video mentions, you will score points regardless of how many (or how few) cards you use.

You've Been Sentenced 9 Cards
  • Carl Jung alienated hogs in South America by petting troubled squirrels.
  • Karl Marx sounded jazzy before the jerks of New Jersey tickled him.
The add on decks have 80 cards (400 words) and are a great way to add flavor to the game.  They can't be used as stand alone games, but there are several ways to use them.   I dealt out two special cards with 8 from the main game.  Some choose to mix them right in and go with the luck of the draw.

There are six add on decks to choose from.
  • Sports Highlights
  • Gourmet Cuisine
  • Pop Culture
  • Science Fi and Fantasy
  • Brain Buster
  • NASA Space Terminology
By now, if anyone who is a teacher or a homeschooling parent isn't already convinced that they would love this game here is something else you might appreciate.  The McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds website has a page for teachers and parents with some great ideas for incorporating the game into the classroom.  There is a full fledged lesson plan for teachers, and a bank of 109 of the historical figures that are named on the You've Been Sentenced! cards.  YBS in History lists these in alphabetical order so it is easy to scroll through and find the name I am looking for.  Each has a small blurb and some external links.

So!  Who would like to win their own You've Been Sentenced! Game?

McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds has been very kind and generous by extending an invitation to host a giveaway for a  You've been Sentenced! prize pack.  The winner will receive the original You've been Sentenced game, PLUS all six add on packs - a $75 value!

If you would like to win, there are several ways to enter chances.  Please use the RaffleCopter form below and follow the directions given for each method of entry.

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