Monday, March 4, 2013

@Cut_The_Rope Plush Toys With Bonus AR Fun From Round 5 and ZeptoLab

Om Nom Plush ToyReversible Cut the Rope Plush Toys From Round 5 and ZeptoLabs
  • Licensed  Toys in Three StylesCreated by ZeproLabs and Round 5
  • Each Toy Includes an Augmented Reality Game 
  • Download an App and Play Candy Flick with Om Nom
  • Six Inch Plush Styles With Reversible Designs
  • Average Retail Price $12.99 (Varies by Location)
  • Become a Fan of Cut the Rope on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, or Subscribe on YouTube
Do you play Cut the Rope?   It is one of my favorite app games!  It stars Om Nom - He's the cute little green guy up there at the top of this post.

Om Nom loves candy.  (and who can blame him?)  His candy pieces are all held up by ropes, and he needs our help to get them.  Cutting the ropes with a finger swipe releases candy - and if the player does it just right the pieces fall down into Om Nom's mouth making him very happy. 

These clever plush toys are licensed and made by ZeptoLabs and Round 5.  There are three reversible designs so that fans can see their little friend and play with him as he is, or they can put him into his box, reverse him into a star, or make him into a candy piece.

Here is how it goes.  To start, he looks like the picture at the top of the post.  But reach inside to pull out the box, star, or candy as seen below.

Om Nom Inside Out

Now I can tuck Om Nom into the box, and it looks like he is peeking out as us from inside.

Om Nom Second View - Box

Isn't that adorable and clever?  These make a very cute gift for Cut the Rope fans just as the plush, but there's more.

If you take a look at the tag you can see there is a web address for the ZeptoLabs Cut the Rope Page.  This is where information about the apps, toys, games and videos can be found.

Om Nom AR Game Label

The tag is also used to play the Augmented Reality game which can be played on Android or Apple products.  The app is a free download, and once it is on a device, the player simply aims the camera at the tag and OmNom pops up.

Cut the Rope AR Game

Using my finger, I flick the pieces of candy into his mouth and score points.

The score keeping is shown below.

Candy Flick Game

It is easy to play and a fun way to pass the time.  The game is a great bonus feature to a toy that is fantastic on its own.

This graphic shows the other versions of the toy that I mentioned earlier.  The star is bright yellow, and the candy is a red and white peppermint,

Om Nom Plush Toys

Cut the Rope toys can be found at Toys R Us.