Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Help Kids Make Smart Money Choices With the FamilyMint Program! @FamilyMint #mosaicreviews

Family Mint Workbook

The FamilyMint Money Management Program
  • Teach Your Children to Keep Track of How They Spend Their Money
  • Grade 5 and Up - About 2 Months to Completion
  • Help Them to Set Goals and Work Toward Them
  • Show Kids How Budgets Work and Help them Stick to Their Own
  • Write Checks, Fill Out Deposit Slips, Calculate Interest and More
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion at theEnd of the Course Work
  • Choose a Workbook, Online Learning, or Combine Both Methods
  • Visit the Family Mint Website  (www.familymint.com)
Many children are growing up and leaving home without any money savvy.  Part of the problem is that we live in an electronic banking era.  They don't really see money.  Even the age old practice of sitting at the kitchen table with the bills and the checkbook have been replaced by computer mouse clicks and the budget ledger is now a spreadsheet on the hard drive.  Many of the traditional ways that kids earned money like paper routes, babysitting, or lawn mowing have been taken over by professionals.

As a result. young people are graduating from high school and immediately taking on student loan debt and trying to make ends meet for the first time without a lot of experience in money management.  Kids in the 18-24 year old age group are already filing for bankruptcy!

If you would like to help your children learn the basics about budgeting and goal setting, you might be interested in the FamilyMint Money Management Certification Program.  This is a simple, step-by-step system designed by two dads, who are also MBAs.  If your children complete the program and apply it to their lives now, they will hopefully gain a more solid appreciation for money and be more responsible with theirs.

Choose the workbook, the online system. or combine both. The directions in the book are presented very clearly and there are examples shown for every activity the children complete.

For example, if there is an item they would like to purchase, they are shown how to set a goal and work toward it.

Goal Setting

There are also ledger type sheets where the students can show where they have allocated their money.  It is a great way to keep track of where the allowance money goes each week.


There are pages of practice checks and deposit slips to help makes these things easier to navigate in the real world.
checks and deposit slips

Best of all, they will learn to keep track of all the money coming in and a money going out.  Good record keeping is so helpful, and most people who are good stewards with their money are also good record keepers.

Financial Ledger

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few ways to use the program.  Right now there are three options available.

Option 1: An Introductory Bundled Offer:

This package includes the Money Management Certification Program workbook and a lifetime subscription to the FamilyMint Premium online services which would normally cost $25 a year as a stand alone service.

The price for this is $29.99, and if you require additional workbooks you will be offered 50% off for each one purchased.

Family Mint Workbook Plus Premium for Life2

Option 2: FREE online application subscription only:

This is fairly self explanatory.  Users will have access to a free basic online version of the program.  The applications will have some ads and there will be limits.  The basic teaching principles are the same with all of the programs.

Family Mint Online

Option 3: PREMIUM online application:

For an annual $24.99 fee or a monthly $4.95 fee you will unlock features that the free version does not have.  They are all listed below.

Family Mint Premium Items

 There are excellent suggestions throughout the lessons, and ideas such as an envelope system are also discussed.

Although kids create a special bank for their money, the parent remains the banker and all money flows through the parents.  Even if the online version is used, adults approve the transactions.

The FamilyMint Money Management Program has won many awards from parenting and educational groups.  I find myself in agreement.  This program makes it easy to understand and provides simple steps to become smart with money.

Family Mint Award Winning