Monday, March 18, 2013

Home Run - A Novelization of the Motion Picture (With Give Away)

Home Run - The Novel
Home Run - Freedom is Possible
  • Written by Travis Thrasher
  • A Novelization of the Major Motion Picture
  • 416 Pages - Paperback Volume - English Language
  • Released March 1st, 2013 by David Cook Publishing
  • Deals With Adult Themes (Addictions and Immorality)
  • Provides a Hopeful Message of Faith and Healing 
  • Introduces the Celebrate Recovery© Program for Addictions
  • Suggested Retail Price $14.99 
  • Digital Editions are Also Available
Cory Brand is a baseball star.  He has it all together on the field, but his personal life is a mess.  As his story unfolds, we realize that he has made some mistakes in his past, and that it is never far from his mind.  He has carried this emotional baggage for so long that it is weighing him down and promises to destroy his future if he doesn't let it go. 

Is there a such thing as a coincidence?  As things turn out, Cory gets himself into trouble and he has to go home  He plans to carry out a quick plan and escape as quickly as possible.  He doesn't plan to have his world rocked when he arrives - and he is not prepared for the flood of emotions that he experiences or what happens to his heart as a result of them.

Given this second chance Cory eventually grabs onto it.  He allows himself to take a journey of faith, transformation and redemption.  The result is that he finally experiences the healing power of God.  He stops running from his past and turns it over to God and allows himself to be made whole again.

The movie will be in theaters April 19th, but the story is available now.

Would you like to read the book?  The publisher is graciously allowing me to host a giveaway and one of my readers will win their own copy.

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