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Little Ones Learn New Languages Easily With @LittlePim #earlyeducation

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Little Pim DVDs, Books, Toys, and Music Help Kids to Learn New Languages
  • Little Pim is a DVD based Language Learning System.
  • Little Pim Uses The Entertainment Immersion Method® to Teach Kids 0-6 years Old
  • Colorful and Fun Images are Paired With New Words for Multisensory Learning
  • Hear Words by Native Speakers and See the Spelling if Desired
  • Choose Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese or English (ESL is available with English OR Spanish Subtitling)
  • There are Many Different Packages Available to Suite Differing Needs and Budgets
  • Quick Guide Pages For Parents are Included With DVDs
  • Detailed Companion Guides, Tips, and Games are Available Through the Website
  • Teacher Kits for Homeschool or Classroom Include a Key to Unlock Website Extras
  • Winner of More Than Twenty Awards - Praised by Parents and Professionals
Little Pim Gift Set

That cute little plush Panda is Little Pim.  Little Pim was born when Julia Pimsleur Levine joined forces with language educators  a neuro-scientist and an animation team to develop this DVD system for teaching languages to very young children.  Even babies use Little Pim!

Research has shown that up until age six children's minds are receptive to learning more than one language.  It is not unusual for youngsters who are growing up in a bi-lingual home to slip easily from one language to another in order to accommodate the person they are speaking with.  The Little Pim DVDs take full advantage of this special time during a child's development.

Little Pim stars Pim the Panda and his friends, Bob the Bobcat and Lola The Elephant.

Each DVD has short episodes - they are only about five minutes each.  Over the course of these episodes children will learn at least 60 words and phrases.  The DVDs do not have to be watched in any specific order, just pop them in and get started.

I was sent a copy of DVD #5 from the Spanish series which covers emotions.  These are the episodes on the disc.

Little Pim - Episodes

As I mentioned, words are used in context, which helps children to understand the meanings.  I had the subtitles turned ON, so I could also see the written words.  I have taken a screen shot and included it so you can see.

Little Pim - kids laughing

When you are ready to watch the DVDs, you will come to a menu like this one.  Choose to watch the entire disc straight through or one episode at a time.  Turn subtitles off or leave them on.  You may also want to see the interview.

Little Pim Menu

Little Pim works best if you join in with your child using suggestions from the companion guide and saying the words aloud.  It is even better if you can take the time to pause the DVD and repeat words or phrases while acting them out yourself.

Families who make Little Pim a part of their routine have reported that the children pick up the vocabulary rather quickly.  The more extensive packs include ways to reinforce the DVD lessons, such as including a plush doll, some books, or a music CD.  There are also Little Pim apps available in the iTunes store.

Even parents who do not have any foreign language experience can teach their children with Little Pim.  There are so many benefits to knowing a second (or third!) language and starting early often yields the best results.

For more information, visit the website or the social media sites linked above.  By following, you will be privy to special offers and discounts as well as news such as app launches and updates.

Aprender un nuevo idioma puede ser divertido!