Monday, March 11, 2013

Steve Shenk Says It's Not Your Fault, and He Can Prove It! #ItsNotYourFault


Steve Shenk is probably best known as a food expert - so I thought this book would be about food.  He does begin the book by typing in the relationship to food - but then he changes course and the subject becomes the messages that we feed ourselves.  Mr. Shenk takes a rather new age approach to unlocking how we feel about ourselves and how we behave in relationships. It is a little bit out there for me, but it is popular with many people.

It's Not Your Fault - And I Can Prove It  is a story about Michael and The Guardian.  Michael represents the members of the human race and The Guardian is a an embodiment of knowledge.  I guess he is a bit like an angel - but he works as counsel to help Michael heal his negativity and let go of past hurts, resentments and negativity.

To give you an idea of the flavor and tone, these are the chapters that are included in the book:
  • Preface:  The Riddle of Me
  • Prologue:  A Message from the Author
  • Introduction:  A Personal Note from The Guardian
  • Chapter 1:  Michael Meets The Guardian
  • Chapter 2:  People Think Life Has Handed Them a Lemon
  • Chapter 3:  Your Life is Like a Perfect Building
  • Chapter 4:  The Magic of Faultlessness
  • Chapter 5:  Guilt: “The Unoriginal Sin”
  • Chapter 6:  Victims Have Big ‘Buts’
  • Chapter 7:  You Say You Love Me. Prove It!
  • Chapter 8:  The Past Doesn’t Exist
  • Chapter 9:  The Law of Me
  • Chapter 10:  Self-Image: The Great Mirror
  • Chapter 11:  Judgment
  • Chapter 12:  Approval
  • Chapter 13:  Unconditional Love
  • Chapter 14:  Agency: The Freedom to Choose
  • Chapter 15:  The Wonder Hugger
  • Chapter 16: Move Over, Casanova and Don Juan. Here Comes Bob
  • Chapter 17:  I Like Me Best When I’m with You
  • Chapter 18:  The Big Push…Away!
  • Chapter 19:  The Four Confusions
  • Chapter 20:  The Four Universal Laws
  • Chapter 21:  The Law of Justice
  • Chapter 22:  The Law of Creation
  • Chapter 23:  Is the Pen Really Mightier than the Sword?
  • Chapter 24:  Goals and Objectives: The Power of Faith
  • Chapter 25:  A Return to Perfection
  • Chapter 26:  Failure as the Pathway to Success
  • Chapter 27:  Gratitude
  • There are some "Special Subjects" Covered next:
  • Zone A: Baby, It’s Not Your Fault
  • Zone B:  The Abandoned Child
  • Zone C:  It’s Not Your Fault for Dogs
  • Zone D:  Addictions
  • My Book of Life
  • Afterword: There Really is Magic
  • Wisdom of the Guardian (Encyclopedia of Quotes)
  • About The Author

Here is Steve's plan for how to lived "The Charmed Life".
  1. Start by reading the book.
  2. Read one of the quotes from "The Wisdom of the Guardian" every day.
  3. Use the companion book My Book of Life (seen below) to record goals and gratitude.
  4. Take time out of each day to revisit what you have written in the book.
  5. Keep a record of your activities.
  6. Join Steve's online community and watch his weekly online talk show.

To learn more about Steve and his ideas visit his website:  He also has a facebook page, a blog , and a YouTube Channel.

Mr Shenk and our friends at Mom Select are offering a giveaway copy of this book.  If you would like to be entered, please use the form below to join in.

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Good luck!