Friday, March 15, 2013

@UniversityGames Has Brought Poppin Hoppies Back, and It's Poppin Good Fun! (Give Away)

Poppin Hoppies Box art
University Games Has Brought Back Poppin Hoppies
  • This is a Re-Make of the Popular Game From When I was Young
  • 2-4 Players Ages 5 and Up Can Play - A Game Lasts About 10 Minutes
  • Catch as Many of the Spring Loaded Poppin Hoppies as You Can
  • Trade Them For Puzzle Pieces to Build a Figure
  • Use All Four Colors - But Don't Let the Same Colors Touch
  • Hoppies Pop at Random Times - Great For Eye Hand Coordination
  • Includes Game Board, 7 Hoppies, Pieces to Make 4 Figures
  • Catch the Color You Need or Work Out a Trade
  • A Product of University Games - Available Through and Many Other Toy Retailers
  • Suggested Price $24.95 (Will Vary by Retailer)
I remember playing Poppin Hoppies when I was younger.  I loved the way the little guys would pop up into the air and we would all dive to catch one.  First it requires some patience as we wait for the little Hoppies to pop up into the air.  Once they begin to pop, players try to grab them up and then exchange them for a plastic puzzle piece that will make a full figure of a person.

There are enough pieces to make four figures, but the object is to make sure that each completed figure has at least one piece of each color but not more than two of any color.  The other rule is that the same color cannot touch on any part of the figure.

When the random popping begins it gets fun as the players try to catch the little poppers.  If nobody catches it, it gets reset and the round continues until all of the poppers are claimed.

Once a player's figure starts shaping up, they have to add some strategy.  The best plan is to try to catch the color needed to complete the figure, but if that doesn't work out, try to catch a color somebody else needs and try to work out a trade.

The photos above and below both show properly made figures and the one above also gives a nice close up of a cute little Hoppie.

This was fun and nostalgic for me - and to be honest, none of us were very good at catching these little guys for the first few rounds.  It took some practice.  I would suggest that a little bit of time be set aside to give younger players some time to get used to catching them and to take note of the fact that they all pop at different rates.

There is even more fun to be had.  The box has a QR code which when scanned will take the user to an application game that works on smartphones or iPads.

Poppin Hoppies and other great University Games can be found at Toys R Us and other popular toy retailers both online or in stores.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of this game, you can try your luck using the form below.

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