Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WordARound - A Fun Word/Card Game! (with Give Away) @ThinkFun


WordARound - A Word Game - A Card Game - A Fun Game!
  • Created by ThinkFun ("Ignite Your Mind!")
  • A Game for 2 or More Players Ages 10 and Up
  • 100 Cards Contain 300 Words
  • Suggested Retail Price is $12.99   
Word-a-Round is simple, fast paced game.  It is also lots of fun.  Pictured above, you can see that it comes with a deck of 100 round cards.  Each one has three concentric circles and each circle has a word written in it.  Because of the circular, no beginning, no end positioning, it takes the eye a while to find the word.

Here is an example.  Can you see the words in the card below?

Look closely and see that in the black ring, the word is "magical".  The red ring says "stinger" and the blue ring reads "tomato".

Here. . . Try another.

Did you get it?  The black ring word is "unusual", the red ring says "either", and the blue ring word is "chrome".    Words that start with vowels seem to be the toughest ones for us.

There are a few rules.  Like what to do if nobody can figure the word out, or if there is a tie.  (more than one player calling out the right word in unison.)

I have asked the boys to slowly and clearly play a round of the game on video so that my readers can fully grasp the game and the rules.  In "real life" the game plays quite a bit faster, and the reactions are slightly more animated.  (especially between super competitive teen aged boys!)

If you can't watch the video, here is a quick start version of the rules:
  • Place the cards in the center of play with the top card covered
  • When ready to begin reveal the top card
  • The first player to call out the word in the black ring takes the card
  • When they claim it, they flip it over to reveal a color on the back
  • The color of the card dictates the color of the ring for the next word played
  • If a tie occurs, the card is placed aside and a face off for a new word takes place
  • The tie winner takes both cards
  • If nobody can guess a word, the card is discarded
  • The first player to gather ten cards wins!
ThinkFun has so many great games that let kids (and adults!) have fun while using their brains.  I hope you will keep them in mind when looking for games for your family, classroom or your homeschool family classroom! ThinkFun has generously allowed me to offer a giveaway for a WordARound game.  If you would like to try your luck, please use the form below to enter.  Be careful to follow the instructions for each step so that all of your entry methods count.

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