Thursday, April 11, 2013

Break Away- a New Faith Based, Family Friendly DVD (With Give Away) @WordFilmsOnline

Break Away DVD - Word FilmsBreak Away - A DVD From Word Films
  • A Christian Movie by Word Entertainment
  • Due For Release on April 23rd
  • 113 Minutes - English Language 
  • Not Rated - Family Friendly
  • Dove Family Approved For all Ages
  • Suggested Retail Price - $19.99
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The movie Break Away chronicles one man's journey from success, to despair, to his breaking point.  As the story progresses we see his heart change, his focus shift, his eyes open, and his hope return.

The story takes place in Cape Town, South Africa - so although the dialogue is primarily in English, it is spoken in their dialect and has some Afrikaans sprinkled in.  I didn't know this before I began to watch the movie so it took me a little while to adjust to the Dutch/French accent.  Once I acclimated it was a bit easier to follow.

Former sports star Francois is a successful ad man who is the head of a team of bright and talented young people.  He appears to be a good man to work for because of the kindness and concern he shows toward his co-workers.  Unfortunately, due to the economy, he and his team are all let go from their firm. (or retrenched, as they say in that part of the world)

At first he optimistic that he can quickly turn things around so he withholds this information from his wife and family.  Days snowball into weeks, and then months.  When the money runs out he has to face them with shame.

Unfortunately, even with his family on his side to encourage him, Francois still has a long road ahead of him and more to lose - but sometimes that is how life goes.  Having family and friends supporting him and praying with him helps to keep him going for a while, although it is an emotional roller coaster.

Finally the day  comes when Francois realizes that every time he hits another barrier, there is also a subtle call to turn his sights in another direction.  Eventually he quiets the noise in his own mind and listens to the still, small voice.

Instead of chasing the corporate life Francois takes a different path and he also sets his eyes on winning a coveted bicycle race.  He also commits himself more even firmly in his faith.  His belief that anything is possible with God's help enables him to get through difficult training.

This movie delivers what I expect from a movie with this type of a budget.  Wholesome content, a good message, and no cringe inducing moments.  There are some sound issues, and the heavy accents - but the moral of the story is good, and so is the soundtrack.  The cast is extremely likable, too.   

I did a screen capture of the special features.  

There is a slight typo - Jacon's Well is actually Jacob's Well.  Named for it's Biblical significance, Jacob's well is a ministry that helps the people who are jobless.

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