Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Talking Ginger! (With a Huge Give Away!) #GingersBirthday

Talking Ginger
Happy Birthday Talking Ginger!

Are you familiar with Talking Ginger from Disney's Talking Friends webshow?  Kids can watch from the Disney website or the YouTube channel and they will be entertained by Talking Tom Cat, Angela, Ben the Dog, Larry the Bird, Gina the Giraffe, Pierre Parrot, Lila the Fairy, Harry the Hedgehog, Baby Hippo, and even Santa!

The Talking Friends

The short webisodes are very popular with children.  They are so popular that they have their own webstore and line of interactive apps (For Apple and Google Play) allowing kids to bring their Talking Friends with them wherever they go.

Talking Ginger is Five Today, and the party will last all month long!

Talking Ginger's first app is focused on getting ready for bed.  Help Ginger shower, blow dry, use the potty and brush his teeth.  He will also talk back to you, let you create videos to share and show you secret dreams if you can unlock them.  (Kids will do a great job brushing their teeth if they use the toothbrush timer that is part of this app!)

There is also a plush toy line from Out Fit 7 which includes a Talking Ginger Superstar doll.  This is so much fun.  Use it alone or turn on a Talking Friends app and it will interact!

The Superstar Plush dolls are available through the Talking Friends Store for $49.99.   They don't need any set up, blootooth or Wi-Fi.  Just 3 AAA batteries and they are ready to go!  The toys come in a cute box, include a USB cable and a drawstring bag for transportation or storage.

Here is a shot from our special Birthday Celebration for Ginger.  This is what the Superstar Plush looks like. You can see the buttons and the speaker which help bring him to life for extra fun.

Happy Birthday, Ginger!

In honor of Ginger’s birthday a brand new App will be released later this month.  This new birthday app will offer new ways to play and talk to Talking Ginger!
Ginger’s Birthday is set in Talking Tom's backyard where Talking Ginger is really enjoying his big day with good food (healthy and sweets!), party whistles, candles and more. Every time you feed Talking Ginger, make some noise with the party whistle and blow all the candles out, a new puzzle piece of Ginger's birthday party memories unlocks. Ginger's Birthday App will be available in late April.
All good parties include a great treat bags and Talking Ginger knows how to take care of the guests!  Look at all the prizes included in the Talking Ginger Goodie Bag!

Talking Ginger Prize Pack
One of my readers will get a similar prize, with a value of about $150!

Included in this gift pack:

  • A Talking Friends Gift Bag
  • Tom and Larry's Coolest Notebooks. ($9.99)
  • A Talking Friends Magnet Collection ($9.99)
  • A Talking Friends Underwater Bottle ($13.99)
  • Angela's Pretty-and-Pink iPhone Case ($19.99)
  • A Talking Tom Plush Key Chain With Sounds ($8.99)
  • Crest Toothpaste and 2 Toothbrushes to Brush Along With Ginger
  • One Talking Ginger Superstar Plush ($49.99)
  • Two Gift Cards for The Talking Friends Shop ($20.00)
If you would like to try to win this gift pack, please use the RaffleCopter form provided and follow the directions for each method of entry.

You could also win a Plush Toy simply by stopping by Talking Ginger's Website, Ginger's Playground and participating in the contest there.  Fans are invited to draw birthday wishes for Ginger and email them to Talking Tom.  Your child's artwork could be featured on the Talking Friends Social Media sites and one fan will win the Superstar toy.

While you are on Facebook, be sure to "like" the fan page for the Talking Friends - and then visit the Talking Ginger page and you can become a fan there, too!

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Good Luck!