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Meet the Orphans of #MotherIndia (DVD Give Away) - @MotherIndiaFilm #HarvestIndia

Mother India DVD
Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan
  • A Documentary DVD by David Trotter, Shawn Scheinoha, and Noah Lamberth
  • Narrated by the Christian Music Artist Rebecca St. James
  • Features Footage of the Lives of Real Orphans Living on the Streets of India
  • Not Rated - Some Scenes and Subject Matter May Not be Suitable for Young Children
  • Single Disc, English Language, 47 Minutes, Region One Format
  • Available for Purchase April 23, 2013 - Pre-Order from Amazon (read more for special offer)
  • Suggested Retail Price $14.98 (Will Vary According to Retailer )
  • Visit the Word Films Website, Become a Fan on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter
  • Learn More at the Mother India Page on Facebook and from Mother India on Twitter
There are more than 31 million orphaned children living in India.  Many of these young people are living in the streets, trying to survive day by day.  They are often abused and sick.  Many use drugs to numb the pain.

The film producers traveled to India hoping that a few street kids might spend some time with them and let them see life through the eyes of the orphan.  They were surprised and also heartbroken when they discovered a band of 25 children who lived together as a sort of patchwork family.

Through the film the visitors tell the story of these forgotten children - some even babies!  We see them beg for money at a train yard and learn that many have lost limbs underneath these very trains.  The police move them off the streets and often kick them or use sticks to speed the process along.  There is drug use, needle sharing, and as you would guess - disease sharing.

Among this group were two sibling street children who are practically babies - ages 3 and 7.  The directors and the other children work to get them a fresh start with a loving family that ministers to Indian orphans.

It was so moved by these sad stories.  The thought that there are so many more - thirty-one MILLION more - is almost impossible to comprehend.  The purpose of telling these tales is so that prayers and action will follow.

To begin, watch the DVD and share it with your friends.

MOTHER INDIA will be released nationwide on April 23rd.  It will be in bookstores and online DVD sellers like Amazon will have copies, too.

As a special bonus anyone who purchases the DVD can get two FREE books by Executive Producer David Trotter, too .

Yep, it says FREE.  If you Pre-order the DVD on Amazon and Email your receipt to they will email you a special link to download the Kindle and pdf versions of both books!

Then, visit Harvest India ( to learn how you can help this ministry who's mission is to "Carry Christ's Compassion to Every Village in India".

Harvest India has done an amazing job by placing more than 1,300 children in homes, providing over 1,500 churches to rural areas, providing college education to more than 3,500 students, and building more than 850 clean water wells in Dalit villages.

You can learn more about Harvest India through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway for a copy of this DVD.  I hope that my readers will be interested in seeing the film and generating more interest through social media.

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