Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plus Motif Tablet Covers - Your Tablets Can be Smart Looking Accessories

Plus Motif Tablet CoversPlus Motif Tablet Cases by Papier de Maison
  • Available in 4 sizes to accommodate your tablets and/or e-Readers.  
  • Choose from 16 base colors and 72 different Motif Designs for mixing and matching .  
  • Motif Designs snap easily onto the base giving you many ways to customize
  • Switch from fun to fashionable in seconds  
  • Cases include a notepad and a 2 n 1 stylus pen
  • Designed with three position versatility 
  • The padded back, magnetic closure and corner elastics keep devices secure
  • Find Plus Motif on the web at
Plus Motif Logo

Do you take your tablet devices with you wherever you go?  I know that my iPad has made my life so much simpler - and the Kindle is absolutely brilliant, too.  For many of us, our devices are like a handbag or shoes.  They have become a part of our wardrobe.

Plus Motif has come up with a design that protects our tablets while allowing us to show our personality and style, too.

Plus Motif Variations

Start with a sturdy cover in a solid design color, then order Motif Design Panels to snap on and off to suit the occasion or your mood.

When you visit the website, there is a designer store where you can scroll through and choose the colors and panels you like best.
  • The large case that fits the iPad or larger tablets retails for $39.99 with Motif Designs for $5.99 each.
  • The medium size fits the iPad mini retails for $34.99 with Motif Designs for $4.99 each.
  • The small size fits eReaders retails for $29.99 with the Motif Designs for $3.99 each.
  • There is also a journal that retails for $17.99 with the Motif Designs for $3.99 each.
Here are the cases that I received.  The larger case is "taupe" with a "Patchwork" Motif panel from the "Fresh" Collection and the small case is "green moss" with a "Fleur De Lis" Motif panel from the Black and White Collection.

Plus Motif Tablet Covers

The solid panels that have been removed and replaced with Motif Panels can also (obviously) be used for a more subdued look, or, buy a second cover in a complementary tone and switch the two plain panels.

Here is the Kindle Fire in the small case.  The stylus slips into the elastic loop over to the side and the notebook pages are held in place by an elastic band as well.

Plus Motif Tablet Cover - small

The iPad set up is the same, only larger.  There is also a hole cut into the cases so that the camera can be used without having to remove the iPad or mini.

Plus Motif Tablet Cover - large

I found both cases to be very sturdy.  I also like having pen and paper on hand.  It is a very neat, practical and stylish idea.