Monday, April 22, 2013

@RingStix - Such a Fun Outdoor Game for the Family! (With Give Away)

ring stix headerRingStix Pro Edition Outdoor Game
  • This is an outdoor game for two players ages 10 +
  • Includes 4 Stix with professional overmold grips
  • There is also 1 Red Ring, 1 Glow-in-the-Dark Ring, and a Carry Bag
  • The instructions are easy and found on the back of the package.
  • The game comes with a one (1) year limited Warranty
  • Suggested retail price $29.99
  • Purchase from the website, other online sites or select retail locations
  • Find RingStix on the web, become a fan on Facebook, or follow on Twitter
Ring Stix in Package
Have you seen RingStix?

RingStix is a fun game that will gets everyone outside and having fun together.  It is also a great conversation starter.  Everyone wants to know "What are you playing?"  When I was at Toy Fair this year, there was a lot of fun going on at the Ring Stix booth.  It is easy to see why this game has won several toy industry award.

Ring Stix are fun and unique.  You can play it in the yard or the park, but you can also play it in the water.  All the pieces float!  If it gets windy, the rings still stay fairly steady.

This is a super easy game.  Just open the packaging and start playing.  After a few practice runs, you will be ready to go tossing the rings around and even learning some tricks.

RingStix is played by 2 or more players (although one set is meant for two players) Using the sticks, we pass the ring back and forth by pulling the sticks quickly apart.  It causes the ring to start spinning and then it will launch up to 50 yards.  We can catch the ring on one or both sticks.

RingStix can even be played alone by shooting the ring up in the air and catching it!

Here is a photo of the package contents:  Four sticks, two rings (the yellow one glows in the dark!) and the carry bag.

Ring Stix Contents
The packaging is simple.  It is minimal.  There is a cardboard back and molded plastic in the front.allowing us to see all of the pieces.  The directions are on the back.

RingStix Glow in the Dark!
We have anxiously awaited spring for weeks and weeks since receiving RingStix.  We have had endless cold and rainy days.  Seeing my midwestern friends who are still shoveling snow, I try not to complain - and we did find a solution.  We took the RingStix to play in a school gymnasium!

Play Ring Stix
The boys found it easy to play, and a lot of fun.  We are looking forward to the warm weather so we can get outside and really let the rings fly!

Play Ring Stix
The very generous people at the RingStix company have offered a RingStix game for giveaway.  Would you like to try to win?  The form to enter is below.

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Good Luck!