Monday, April 29, 2013

Saving Memories Forever Is Easy and Fun With This App @SaveMem4Ever #MosaicReviews

saving memories forever bannerSaving Memories Forever
  • This app will make it easy to save and share your precious memories
  • Use with your computer and your Apple or Android/Google Play devices
  • Completely FREE versions available that have many features
  • Added bonuses come with paid memberships ($3.99 a month or $40 a year)
  • Audio story files are stored onsite (premium members can download a zip file of the content)
  • Saving Memories Forever has a helpful website with a lot of useful information
  • There is also a Facebook page, a Twitter Account, Pinterest Boards, a Blog, and an email newsletter
One of my most precious belongs is a cassette tape.  I know, who still has those, right?  Well, this one is special, because it is filled with 90 minutes of my father's stories, told by him, in his voice.

The man loved to tell a good story, and he had tons of them!  He celebrated his third birthday aboard the Queen Mary while crossing the Atlantic during World War II, then spent his early childhood days living in the Bronx tenements.  He would laugh about how moving to Staten Island felt like living in the country, and the fun times he had as a teenager.  We know how he met my mother, and their courtship, their many moves and  the best things about all of their favorite friends.

My sister had the brilliant idea to start taping some of his stories, and that is how I happen to have this beloved cassette tape.

This was in the dark ages of the 90's before we had great apps like Saving Memories Forever.

The app is a new, better, modern way of making sure your family has something as special as my cassette.  It is so easy to use, and I will give you a short tour in pictures so that you can get a good idea of how it works.

First you set up the story tellers.  Just put in a little bit of information and you are ready to go.  Log into the app and choose a category from the following age groups.  (or age 55 and older, which didn't fit in the screenshot)

Saving Memories Forever Age OptionsDo you want to tell a childhood story?  Scroll through these options for the right category of your childhood, teenage or adult 20-25 years.

Saving Memories Forever Story OptionsThis systematic method of recording and preserving your family memories helps to jog the story teller's memory and makes it easier than starting cold.  The separate categories also gives the listener to the ability to go directly to the story that they want to hear without having to sift and shuffle through it all.

Once the user has a subscription set up they will be able to use the smartphone app to record their stories. Once they have been recorded, they can visit the website to manage them.
The recording is easy, mobile, and fun. Using the app, the recorded stories are easy to upload. Subscribers then manage their stories on the website, adding tag words for easy story searching the extras such as photos, recipes, and other family storytellers.  The website is private and secure.
Ready to record?  here is the screen that you will see.  Find a quiet place (to reduce ambient noise) and tell your story.  Pause, stop, or cancel until you are satisfied with your recording.

Saving Memories Forever - Recording

The categories change a little bit for each age, so it is a nice way to get a great variety of information in the storyteller's own voice with their own inflection.

Saving Memories Forever Story Options
There are so many ways to use the app that aren't easy to see from these screen shot.  For example, we can tell our children about relatives who are now deceased.  Document a child's childhood for them, and then allow the child to take over their own account as they get older.

Here are some other random categories that are included:

Saving Memories Forever Miscellaneous Options
This is where fun miscellaneous items can be added in.

I mentioned that there is a free version, and a paid subscription.  There are some nice perks with the paid version - including unlimited storytellers and listeners.

I love this application for so many reasons - and as a person who cherishes an old cassette tape, I know what a gift this will be be to future generations.