Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spanish For You! Easy and Affordable Homeschool Curriculum

Spanish For You Logo
Spanish for You! - Homeschool Spanish Curriculum 
  • Created by Debbie Annett 
  • Teach Spanish to All of Your Students Grade 3-8 
  • Divided Into Levels: Grades 3-4, 5-6 or 7-8
  • Includes Student Book and Downloadable Files
  • Choose Native or English Speaking Audio Files (Includes Both)
  • Visit the Website for Free Lesson Samples
  • Complete Package (grades 3-8) - $64.95 Single Level - $39.95
  • Suitable for 24 to 30 Weeks of Instruction (Lessons are 15-30 minutes)
  • Choose a Theme: Estaciones (Seasons) Fiestas (Celebrations) or Viajes (Travels)
  • Spanish for You is also on Facebook
Fiestas CoverWe had the chance to review the Fiestas Program.

Spanish for You! is a very simple program to use and I found it to be both teacher and student friendly.  It begins with a very thorough introduction.  This includes a "how to" page, a note to parents, the alphabet, common words and phrases, common commands, the colors and numbers, how to make and use flashcards to reinforce vocabulary, games and activities to go with the lessons, and a short primer about some of the Spanish holidays.

Here are a few snips of these very helpful pages:

Spanish for You!  Introduction
The flashcards can be made several ways.  There are simple drawings for each word.  The program includes a file with these graphics so you can print and glue the images to a card or you can make your own like we did.

Spanish for You!  Flashcards
There are three pages of game suggestions.  These are all easy to do, and games are so much more fun then traditional drills!

Spanish for You!  Games
Once the parent and student are ready to begin, they will need the printed lesson guide and worksheets for the proper grade level.  There are also audio files for each lessons. These files come as a download with purchase.  Choose the native Spanish speaker or English speaker - both are included.  Students can listen from the computer copy the sound files to a CD for the car, or even put them onto an iPod.

Follow each lesson plan step by step and in 24-30 weeks you and your student will have learned some Spanish and had fun, too.

The book is very simple soft bound, and the illustrations were all done by Mrs. Annett's daughter.  This was for two reasons.  One, to make the pictures eye catching and easily identifiable for the younger student.  The other reason is that by keeping things basic she has been able to keep the price very affordable.

Be sure to check out their free sample resources to get a feel for the program while visiting the website.

I really like this program.  I think one of the reasons that it is so good is that Debbie Annett has put so much of herself into it.  I can personally attest to the excellent customer service that comes with the program.  Questions are answered in a timely manner - she is very responsive and happy to provide clarity or information.

There was only one improvement that I would have made to the program, and almost as soon as it was mentioned she had it  fixed!

It was not even a very big deal.  When I received the downloads for the program and unzipped them, I had to take a little bit of time organizing them and renaming them so that they were in an order that was easy for me to follow.  When this was brought to her attention, Ms. Annett immediately changed the files so that they unzip this way automatically.  I thought that was wonderful!

Aprender espaƱol puede ser divertido!