Sunday, April 14, 2013

This is Our Time - A New #Christian DVD (With Give Away!) @Pure_Flix

This is Our Time
This is Our Time
  • Scheduled for Release on April 16th by Pure Flix Entertainment
  • Not Rated - Family Friendly - Christian/God Centered 
  • English Language with English or Spanish Subtitles Available.
  • Standard DVD or Blu-Ray - 104 Minutes Plus Special Features
  • Featuring Eric Roberts and Erik Estrada 
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  • Suggested Retail Price for DVD $19.99 (Will Vary)
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I can still remember the wonderful feelings that surrounded my college graduation.  I was especially close with a few of my nursing school classmates.  Several of us went to work at the same hospital, and my closest friend and I even found an apartment to share and became roommates.  It was definitely "our time".

The movie This is Our Time is about a group of young people who are feeling much like I did all those years ago.  The opening scene is their graduation day.  The group of five friends are diverse in personality, but they are all very close and they are all excited to begin their new lives making a difference in the word in ways that will glorify God.

In the weeks following their graduation we see a little bit of reality set in - but the young friends stay close and support each other.  Then a completely unforeseen tragedy shakes the group to their core.  The friends who previously stood firmly in Christian faith are tested.  Will they feel God's love in the midst of their grief?

There are several substories going on that tie into the main theme.  These include a workplace ethics dilemma, a father and son who grapple with their relationship, and a young man who feels left behind.  There is also a lot of good information about the good works of the real charitable organization Embrace a Village International.  (  that helps leprosy patients around the world.

The movie has a wonderful moral.  By the end the group will learn the truth.  They are indeed good and faithful people, but this is God's time.  It always was, and it always will be.

The DVD has several special features including behind the scenes footage, commentary, and some more information about Embrace a Village.

Pure Flix Entertainment is dedicated to making Christ centered entertainment.  They also maintain a web store where they make other Christian movies, CDs, Books and eBooks  available to families who would like an alternative to what the mainstream offers.

This is Our Time is already available for pre-order and will officially release on Tuesday, April 16th.  I also have a copy on hold as a giveaway prize.  Would you like to win?  Use the form provided to enter - but be sure that you complete each task!

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