Friday, April 19, 2013

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Brain Box Games
Brain Box Games - Have Fun While Learning
  • Play Alone, With Two or More Players, or With Teams
  • Includes 54 Themed Cards, A Sand Timer, and a Die
  • Ideally Designed For Ages Eight and Up
  • Offered by University Games
  • Suggested Retail Price $12.98
  • Available For Purchase From Are You Game?
Brain Box - Boston
Brain Box Games are a lot of fun and educational, too.  Each box has a theme like this box which is all about Boston.

Play alone, or with friends.  Just open your Brain Box, take out the 52 cards, the timer and the die.  Take a card from the pile and study the map side of the card for ten seconds.  (use the sand timer)

If playing alone simply flip the card over, read the six questions, write your answers down, then check for accuracy.  You can check the answers by turning the card back over and studying the picture again.  See how many cards you can answer correctly in five or ten minutes.

Brain Box Cards
When playing with two or more players, the game is only slightly different.

The first player will study the picture side of the card for ten seconds.  After ten seconds they will pass the card to the next player and roll the die.  The card is turned over to the quiz side, and the number rolled will indicate which question the player should answer.  The card holder will read the corresponding question to the first player.  If the question is answered correctly the player will take the card back and keep it.  If the answer is incorrect the card goes back to the bottom of the pile.  Play continues around the table for a predetermined number of rounds.  The player holding the most cards at the end is the winner.

The game has one more fun feature.  If the cards are placed picture side up in the proper order they will form an illustrated map of Boston.

There are many other versions of the game including cities, the USA, The World, and other interesting subjects like dinosaurs, art, history and more.