Thursday, May 2, 2013

Around the World Games - "Educate, Experience, Expand" @atwgames #homeschool

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Around the World Games
  • Have Fun While Learning About Different Areas of the World
  • Players Will Learn About Customs, Cultures, Languages and Geography
  • This Trivia Based Fun is Played by 2-5 Players and is Good for Ages 7 to Adult 
  • Play the Board Game or Use Trivia Cards For Portability
  • Winner of the Dr. Toy Best Children’s Product Award
  • Board Game $29.90 - Collector Card Packs - $8.99 Each or $45 for all
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Around the World board game
We recently had the opportunity to try out the Around the World Games board Game.  This is a great addition to our homeschool but it is also something that I think everyone can enjoy.  It is educational, but it is also fun and interesting to play!

The object of the game is to travel around the world.  Players will advance by answering trivia questions correctly.  As they roll the die and move their piece they will also be gaining tokens to fill up a global scorecard.

To win, a player must correctly answer three questions in each category. The first one to travel around the world and fill in their scorecard will win the game.

Set up the game by placing the six decks of cards near the board.  There is a World Bank, World Wonders, People and Places, Geography, Language, and Culture and Customs.  Then give each player their own global scorecard.  Tokens and gems are set aside and kept accessible for each player. Have each participant choose a colored game piece and set it in the Start area.

Decide who will go first by rolling the die, then begin. Travel around the board  and follow the directions accordingly. When landing on a category or World Bank space, pick a card, read it aloud, and answer the question. If  answered correctly collect a token and place it onto the scorecard.  Incorrect answers do not require any action.  Play moves on to the next person.

Landing on a World Wonder space calls for placing gems on the region of the world that they are from. Play moves clockwise around the board until somebody fills in a scorecard completely.

Around the World category cards

There are four card categories:
  • Culture and Customs 
  • People and Places
  • Geography
  • Language. 
Players must select a card from the category they land on. Answering category cards correctly is the main goal of the game. If a player already has three tokens for a specific category and they land on the same category again, they wait for another turn until they reach a category they need to “travel” to.
World Bank Cards:
World Bank cards are fun and unpredictable.  Pick one up and follow the directions.
World Wonder Spaces:
World Wonder spaces represent some of the Wonders of the World. When a player lands on a World Wonder space they must place the gems on the region the gems came from. The point of the World Wonder space is to show the regions of the world that have been traveled by each of the players. And you thought you’d never travel to the wonders of the world!!
Around the World 04
Each board Game inlcudes
  • 1 die 
  • 5 player pieces 
  • 1 Game board
  • 5 Global scorecards 
  • 25 World Bank cards 
  • 10 World Wonder cards
  • 200 Category cards 
  • 15 gems 
  • 48 score tokens
Here are some fun ways to make the educational experience even better.
  1. Set aside questions that were not answered correctly and do the research  to learn more.
  2. Play in teams.  Take some time to discuss the questions and share information.
  3. Create vocabulary and topic lists. Learn more about the things that seem interesting.
  4. Create a list of your own questions, and tell stories about your family’s history, heritage, culture and customs. (Share these at, too!)
  5. Ask the currency questions for a variety of different countries.
  6. Post a world map and mark or pin any state, country, continent, body of water, etc. that is mentioned during game play. 
Soon you will have “visited” these places in a very real way and players can always look at the map to remember valuable information. The goal is to make more than one  “connect” to what players are learning in the game and what they are learning elsewhere.

If you don't have time for a sit down game, these packs of cards are also available.  They can be used to expand your board game or taken on the go.  Each pack comes with a free map, too.

Around the World 07
If you would like to purchase products from Around the Word Games visit their website.  There is free shipping in the USA, and secure payment can be made suing PayPal.

Also, be sure to follow on social media.  You could win games just for being a Facebook fan!  There is a giveaway held each month.

I think this is a great way to learn.  It is fun, it holds everyone's attention, and we could not help but absorb all kinds of great information!

I also enjoyed reading about Stacy George. (the woman who created the game) It was interesting to know all of the ways it has been used from classrooms to boardrooms.   Peek around on the website and you will find out more fun facts and you can also read the blog.