Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can't Wait Willow - A Book About Choices (With Give Away!) @ShineBrightCo

Can't Wait Willow
Can't Wait Willow - A Shine Bright Kid
  • Written by Christy Ziglar Illustrated by Luanne Marten
  • A Shine Bright Kids Story (Choose Right, Shine Bright!)
  • Hardcover Book - 32 Pages - English Language
  • Enjoy the Story While Teaching Children About Making Choices
  • Published by Ideal Books April 1st, 2013
  • Visit the Website, The Facebook Page, Pinterest, or the Twitter Account
  • Suggested Retail Price $14.99 (May Vary According to Retailer)
Willow is so excited, the circus has finally come to town!  She has been waiting so long, and the day has arrived.  There is so much that she has been looking forward to.

Unfortunately, Willow has a little bit of an impulse control problem. By the time she arrives at the Big Top the circus is almost over, and all of her money is gone.

Willow is a Shine Bright Kid.  The Shine Bright Kids share their stories to help children learn to make good choices.  Because she is a Shine Bright Kid, she has a little star that follows her.  When Willow is doing the right thing, the star looks happy.  When Willow is making a poor choice, the star sags and looks sad.

These cues help children to see the "choice points" in the story.  When you arrive at a choice point, discuss the decision and help your children see the difference between wise choices and poor choices.

The good news is that Willow gets some great advice and a second chance.  She learns from her mistakes.
Some times you've got to say 'no' to the good so that you can say 'yes' to the best. ~ Zig Ziglar
Willow has a website - alwaysshinebright.com - take a look around and see the activities for kids, the information for parents, a blog, information about the book, and more.

I have been given the opportunity to offer a copy of this sweet book for giveaway.  Would you like to try to win it?  Use the form below to enter, and you might be the lucky one!  Be sure to follow the instructions for each method of entry.

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