Thursday, May 30, 2013

Check Out This Great Trade-In Plan From @VideoTextMath #Homeschool #Math

VideoText Interactive Math
Video Text Interactive Math Has an Exciting Trade In Offer For Current Users!

We love the VideoText Interactive Math Program, and you can read all about it in this post.  You can also learn about some exciting changes they made this year when they went from VHS and DVD lessons to providing online content.

Of course, the DVDs are still available, and the books are, too - but we have found that using the computer or our tablet devices has been a welcomed change.

If you think you would like to make the switch, don't miss the "Trade and Save" offer!

Video Text Interactive Trade in Offer
Here is how it works - gather up your used DVD or VHS modules and send them back!  Each module that you  turn in will become a $35 credit to be used toward a purchase of either one of the new online versions of VideoText Interactive.

When you buy the online access you can use it with 2 students - if you buy now (and aren't we all buying our curriculum now?) you may add additional students for only $25  each - which is a 50% discount.

Making the switch to online allows you to keep ALL the benefits of these great, award winning programs with the added benefit of portability.   We have access to all of the VideoText Interactive lessons anywhere that we have an internet connection. I can use the desktop, laptop, your iPad, or your iPhone.  We can copy anything we need off of the screen an into notebooks or print the pages.  This is a big switch from having all of the DVDs (or tapes) the student workbook, student notes, teacher's solutions, a book of quizzes and a book of test solutions!  The great extra website content is still available, too.

Of course, if you are a fan of the Student WorkTexts - hold on to them - you'll only be turning in the DVDs.  If you like paper in hand, it will save your ink and paper if you were planning to print the pages
NOTE: You need only to send the books and VHS tapes or DVDs to qualify for the trade-in. All trade-ins are final, and the customer is responsible for shipping modules to the VideoText Interactive Fulfillment Center.
For all of the details, you can call the wonderful customer service representatives  at 1-800-ALGEBRA (897-6181), ext 103 or 107 or email the company using the email address: