Friday, May 17, 2013

Scanimalz Combine Collectable Plush Toys and App Games (With Give Away!) @Scanimalz

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Scanimalz - Plush Fun and App Fun Combined
  • Created and Distributed by Wicked Cool Toys
  • Scanimalz are Collectable Plush Toys AND They are Part of a Virtual App Game
  • Virtual Game Requires an App and an Internet Connection (iTunes or Google)
  • Each Pet Has a QR Code Tag and a QR Code On Its Belly
  • Register Your Toy With the QR Tag, Then Scan the Belly Daily to Unlock New Content
  • Available in Many Characters Look for New Releases and Special Edition Collectibles
  • Suggested Retail Price is $9.99 per Plush  (Buy Full First Wave and Get Free Shipping!)
  • Engage on Social Media by Liking Scanimalz on Facebook or Following on Twitter
Once a plush toy is purchased, it is super easy to play the games.  Just download the free app that is compatible with your device and register your toy, then play the games and earn points to unlock fun stuff.

Scanimalz Instructions
There are different games to choose from, so little kids and older ones can all find something that appeals to them.

When screen time is over, the Scanimalz are cuddly plush toys.  Fun for traditional play, and if your child is a collector, they will be interested in adding to their collection, or trying to score some of the limited edition characters.

scanimalz toys
Of course most kids love the techie stuff, so they will have a lot of fun navigating the virtual world of the Scanimalz.  It's pretty simple to get started and the games are fun, too.  There is incentive to scan the bellies each day, so these are toys with a lot of longevity   To keep the interest level up, the games have a lot  of levels and there are new items and challenges added to the Scanimalz world frequently.

The app also allows the owner to keep track of their collection and earn points that are called scantz.  These can help to move up a leader board.  There are also ways to get more scantz through game play - these can be used for accessories and power ups.

This is Beta Bear.  He was (as his name suggests) developed to the the Beta Test model.  Isn't he cute?

Scanimalz Plush
Now there are over 30 different Scanimalz and more to come.  See How the two QR codes are included?  The one on the bottom is how to get started.  The belly code is the one to scan each day.

I have been offered the opportunity to host a giveaway, so one of my readers will be winning a Scanimalz of their own.   If you would like to trey your luck please use the Rafflecopter form below and follow the instructions for each entry method.

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