Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Etiquette Factory - A Great Way to Learn Manners! @Etiquette256 #MosaicReviews

the etiquette factory
The Etiquette Factory - Children Learn Manners Easily
  • Created by Certified Etiquette Instructor Monica Irvine
  • Well Thought Out Programs for All Ages
  • Lessons Speak to the Student and Include an Activity
  • Advice is Practical and Thought Provoking
  • Affordable and Easy to Use at Home
  • Beginner Course - $44.95, Intermediate - $29.95, Masters - $9.95
  • Combine all Three Programs and Save - $99.95
  • Find the Etiquette Factory Online at
  • The Etiquette Factory is Also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
If you read my blog regularly, you know that my sons have Asperger Syndrome.  (If you are a new visitor, welcome!)  One of the hallmark traits of Asperger's is difficulty with social skills so we are always working on manners and good etiquette.  The problem with most methods is that children are given scripted responses, and they either become rather robotic, or they forget the script under pressure.

The Etiquette Factory is different.  Homeschool mom and certified etiquette instructor Monica Irvine has put together several programs that can be used at home to get kids thinking and learn good manners while having fun.

Etiquette Factory
With the littlest ones, there is a bit more to her method.  From pre-K through 3rd grade the beginner program is suggested.  I didn't use this one, but it looks like it is fun!  There are songs, games and activities that will keep kids interested and reinforce the skills they will need to navigate the early years.

There are also supplemental products that can be used to enhance learning.

etiquette factory intermediate
We have been using the Intermediate level.  This is 125 lessons.  She breaks them down and labels each one by day.  A day only takes up one page.  The advice and counsel is very short and to the point, but the words are written in a way that it speaks to the kids of this age level.  The parent does not teach it.  The student reads it, absorbs it, and then paraphrases it back to the parent.  To show mastery, the child will then teach it to me instead!

There is a related activity included which will take a little bit more time, but it is usually demonstration of the skill, or a discussion.  Sometimes it will be to play a game.

There was a lesson we read about sharing which led to us baking and bringing the treats to friends, but that was an activity that stemmed from our discussion.  I love that it got the boys thinking and then putting their thoughts into action.

Visit the webpage to see a short video, see the table of contents, and look at a sample lesson

etiquette factory masters
We were also given a copy of the Masters level to review.  This is meant to be used after a teen has shown proficiency with the intermediate concepts.  This is a polishing up or a fine tuning of the skills they learned previously.  It also gets to the heart of many of the things that young people will be experiencing during High School or College.  This short handbook is well written in a respectful manner.  I appreciate that it the proper language to reach a young person's heart and mind.  It does not speak down to them, but it is not preachy, either.

This book is meant to be read and learned before a young man or woman begins dating or job hunting with the hope that it will prevent them from experiencing some of the common blunders.

Of course, as parents, we have already given some of these instructions, but to have them reinforced by someone who is not a parent is always a bonus.

The Masters Edition includes:
  • How can Proper Etiquette Improve my Life as a Teenager?
  • How can Proper Etiquette help Keep Peace in my Home
  • Etiquette while Job Hunting
  • Etiquette on the Job
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Social Networking Etiquette
  • Peer Pressure and Etiquette--True Opposites
  • Dating Etiquette for Boys
  • Dating Etiquette for Girls
  • Etiquette for the College Roommate
  • Life Long Etiquette Skills/ A Life of Success
While you are visiting the website you may want to click around and see the other related products.  The new video lessons are especially interesting.

There is also a blog,  a list of summer camps, locations of certified instructors, and more.  There is also a page about Monica Irvine and contact information if you would like more information.

I think this is a great way to instill good manners, and the boys prefer it to other methods we have tried.