Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Story of Jonah From the Whale's Perspective! (With Give Away!) @troyeschmidt

Hey, God!  (Jonah)
Hey God, I've Got Some Guy Named Jonah in my Stomach and I Think I'm Going to Throw Up!
(The Whale Tells His Side of the Story)
  • Written by Troy Schmidt, Illustrated by Cory Jones
  • 32 Pages, English Language, Hardcover Volume
  • Great for Ages 4-8 Years Old
  • Released Today - May 1st, 2013 by B&H Kids
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  • Find the Book Through B&H Publishers, and Other Popular Book Sellers
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We all know the story of Jonah and the Whale, but we rarely give the whale much thought.  It couldn't have been much fun having a guy carrying on down in his belly for days!  This clever version of the story is told from the whale's perspective - and I loved it!  As it turns out, the whale had to learn some of the same lessons as Jonah - including obedience and trusting the Lord.

This is the third book in the "Hey God!" series.  Hey God, Can You Stop the Rain So I Can Get off Noah's Stinky, Smelly Ark?  is about a Raven on Noah's Ark, and Hey God, I'm Having an Awful Vacation in Egypt Thanks to Moses!  is the story of a frog during the times of the plagues in Egypt.

The books come with what they call the "Parent Connection".  Find Scripture and activities related to the story.

You can also find a free online app to accompany the story which provides some interactive ways to keep reinforcing the messages in the story.

I'm happy to be offering a giveaway for a copy of this book.  If you have young children, this is a good story for bedtime or cuddle time.  Use the form below to enter - and you could win!  Just follow the instructions for each method of entry.

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