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Advanced Anti-Aging Starts Now! Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting Products (With Give Away!) @OlayUS

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Olay Regenerist NEW Microsculpting Cream and MicroSculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo
I still remember my mother's of Oil of Olay.  It had a special place on her dresser beside her jewelry box.  Sometimes I could have a few drops of the precious pink lotion to put on my face and it made me feel grown up and beautiful.

The first Olay product was a gift of love from a man to his wife.  He was a chemist and she hated the thick waxy face creams that were on the market. He presented his bride with a hand created alternative, and then together they perfected it.  This was in the 1950's.  Now the product is a household favorite all over the world.

Today Olay continues the tradition of providing skin care alternatives that women love.  The current Regenerist line proudly presents products made with the things we love, like vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, and green tea extract.

Regenerist is the Olay line which targets the problems women my age complain about the most - like uneven skin tone and signs of aging.  These are specially designed to fortify our skin's moisture barrier while regenerating its surface for a more youthful appearance.

One of my favorite products is not pictured here, but it is a great start to any skin care routine.  The Regenerating Cream Cleanser provides gentle exfoliation with oxygenated "derma-beads" and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft - never dried out.

I recently had the chance to try the NEW Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo.  This is a great idea combining eye cream and lash serum packaged as one product.

The eye cream comes in a small tube, and it can be connected to the lash serum as seen in the image above.  I use it twice a day with my morning skin care and again at night. I dot a little bit on the lid and under my eyes and then gently rub it in. It helps bring back those nice smooth eyelid and works on softening the fine lines around my eyes.  I have terrible insomnia, so I am always looking for products to brighten my eyes!

The other half of this duo is the lash serum.  I really like this, and it will be perfect for summer when I don't like to wear as much eye makeup.  I simply use the brush to apply it like mascara.  It adds definition and thickens my lashes for me.  If I am going to be wearing mascara, I wait for the serum to dry and apply it as usual.
Regenerist Products
The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream  has a new look,  but it also has two new ingredients for anti-aging. Although the formula is improved the cream still has the same texture and feels the same when applied to the face. It is light, not greasy, easily absorbed, and it works well on my skin.

Of course, individual results will vary, but many users have seen and felt results on the first day they use Regenrist Micro-Sculpting Cream.  Within minutes skin feels soft, smooth, and hydrated.  After several weeks of regular use most women report that their skin feels like it is firmer and has improved elasticity.  The average retail price for this product falls between $22 and $25 making it affordable, too.

The cream also comes in a fragrance free variety, and all Olay products come with a money back guarantee.

It is no wonder that Regenerist is Americas #1 choice for anti-aging skin care!

I am super thrilled that I can offer an Olay Regenerist Prize Pack to one of my readers.  If you use the form below, and follow the directions, you will earn chances to win a prize pack containing the lash and serum duo and some microsculpting face cream.

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