Sunday, June 2, 2013

Angels By My Side - A Book Review

Angels by my Side - Book Cover
Angels By My Side:  Stories and Glimpses of These Heavenly Helpers
  • Written by Author Betty Malz Following a Death Experience
  • Previously Published in 1986 as Angels Watching Over Me
  • Paperback Volume -128 Pages - Written in English Language
  • Released in May, 2013 by Chosen Books (Baker Publishing)
  • Suggested Retail Price:  $9.99  (May Vary by Location)
  • Learn More and Order a Copy From Baker's Website 
  • A Digital Version for eReaders is Also Available
When Betty Malz was a young woman, she was admitted to the hospital with a ruptured appendix.  It was 1959, and medicine was not as advanced as it is today.  It was quite a few days before she had her surgery and Betty suffered terrible complications due to infection and gangrene of her internal organs.  After 44 days in a coma, her body could not fight anymore and a nurse was unable to find any vital signs.  A doctor was called in to confirm the absence of a heartbeat and breath.  Betty was pronounced dead.  

When Betty's heartbroken father arrived at her bedside he pulled the sheet down from her face, he prayed. As his prayer reached the heavens, Betty's life came rushing back into her.  Her eyes opened and she was alive.

I can only imagine the commotion that this caused, but the very doctor who had declared her dead discharged Mrs. Malz out into the world in good health only two days later.

In this book, Betty describes in detail what she saw and felt during the time she was clinically dead.  When she wrote of what she saw and felt, she clearly recalls the guidance of an angel who remained by her side.

It seems that both in life and in death Mrs. Malz has had supernatural protection.  Starting life as a stillborn baby revived in the delivery room, she went on to survive many other harrowing experiences - like turning at the last second before driving into a sinkhole, and having her home torn apart by a tornado.  (and that is just the tip of the iceberg!  

The book is not very long - in fact, it can be read in one sitting.  It begins with acknowledgements and an introduction, and then there are nine chapters.  The closing pages are an epilogue titled "A Look Ahead".

These are the nine chapters:
  1. Between Two Worlds
  2. When Do Angels Come?
  3. Protecting Angels
  4. Rescuing Angels
  5. Angels and Intercession
  6. Messenger Angels
  7. Angels and Temptation
  8. The Right Approach
  9. Closing the Gap
This book is not just about Betty.  When she began to tell her story, she found other people who wanted to share similar experiences of Angelic interventions.  Some of these are included in the book.

The purpose of the book is to answer the questions that many Christians have.  For example, when do angels help us and what do they actually do?  She also includes her thoughts on how to discern if an angel is God's servant or one of satan's hosts trying to deceive us.

Have you wondered if angels can intervene when we face temptation or how to pray for divine assistance?  She touches on these topics as well.

I appreciate that she took care to back up her writing with Scriptural references and that she warns against the new agey idea of angels.  As most people know, an angel is NOT to be worshiped.  Angels are members of God's army sent to do His work.

Betty passed into eternal rest last year, and this book, which was previously released in 1986 titled Angels Watching Over Me has been re-released.

After receiving her life and her health back that morning in 1959, she spent the following fifty-three years sharing her great love for Jesus through books and speaking engagements.