Friday, June 7, 2013

Keep Kids Reading All Summer With @Scholastic Books

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Many schools are already finished for the year, and the rest will be letting out over the next month.  Studies show that if children are not using their skills they will regress a bit before returning for the new school year.  Scholastic Bookstore has some great titles for kids of all ages that will keep them reading all summer.

One of the reasons Scholastic is well loved is because they carry such a wide variety of titles and they have books for every level of reading.

If you have a Pre-K or early reader, they might enjoy the "Discover More" books, like this one about Puppies and Kittens.
Puppies and Kittens
Packed with facts about everyone's favorite pets, each double-page spread features an aspect of the life of these adorable animal babies for children to compare with their own lives. Collection spreads feature many puppy and kitten breeds along with lots of information about these mammals' wild cousins. Great pictures, clear layouts, simple words, and word-picture relationships make this a perfect first-reference book. All of the books in this series feature an online digital component with all-new content.
puppies and kittens
I thought that Jungle Party was a fun book for the K-3 reader.  After reading through the book, there are plenty of extrtas, like crafts, stickers, and games.

Jungle Party
 Teach your child kindergarten-ready skills through the use of vibrant stories and interactive, fun crafts!
In this story, animals from far-off places come together in the jungle for a very special party. At first, the partygoers can only see their differences. But soon the animals learn that they have things in common, too. The party doesn't end when you finish this book! There's a pocket on the inside back cover with 65+ stickers, a make-your-own party hat craft, and 3-D animal puzzles.
Jungle Party
 Children in grades 4-6 can have some fun with books like Super Grammar.  It reinforces the concepts of grammar, but it will feel more like fun than learning.

Super Grammar
 *Think grammar is difficult? You just need someone to save you from it!
*The best learning tools for a young mind are word association, visual aids, and superpowers! In Super Grammar, all of the major elements of grammar will be personified with superhero or super villain identities. You won't just learn about the part-of-speech called an adverb. Instead you'll meet the vibrant super heroine The Adverb, and you'll learn about her awesome ability to modify verbs and other adverbs. You won't simply be told that you shouldn't use a double negative in a sentence. Instead you'll actually meet the sinister twin brothers, Double Negative, and you'll learn how to avoid being tricked into falling for their double talk.
*The book's fun, full-color design looks like a mix between a reference book and a comic book. With Super Grammar you'll learn to save yourself!
If you like this book, you'll love the downloadable poster, too. 
super grammar
You can find these titles along with much more by visiting the Scholastic Website. You can also find Scholastic on Facebook and Twitter.

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